Improvisational Guitar - Concepts and Techniques

Level 3/4

Level 3/4 workshop focusing on improvisational concepts and guitar techniques with the goal of finding your individual voice on the instrument.

It's all about the guitar, but bring your slides and steels! Keith Richards once said Blues was "all about bending notes" but never got to the part about which notes and how much. That's where we're going. In between the cracks of the keyboard and western music theory to unlock the expressive potential of the guitar from the perspective of modern blues and rock guitar styles.

If intonation, touch, and tone are what interest you, this is where you need to be!


About Steve Kimock

Steve Kimock is an American Rock musician. His brand of guitar playing defies a categorization. Gypsy, jazz and rock have been his home and his clean edge playing and unique tone has been captivating audiences for more than thirty years. His ability to articulate tone, melody and emotion into music combined with technical brilliance has earned Kimock the title Guitar Monk˛ by Relix Magazine for his commitment to guitar, and his ability to make it speak with its own original voice.

Kimock co-founded the Jazz/Rock fusion band Zero in the 80's, KVHW in the 90's and is currently performing in his new act, Crazy Engine. He is widely embraced as one who carries the free-form torch of improvisation, through an extensive catalog of original material in his own bands, as well as through live performances with so many esteemed musicians.

Kimock has performed with Bruce Hornsby (and can be heard on two of Hornsby's releases), John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia (and all members of the Grateful Dead), Peter Frampton, Bonnie Raitt, Bobby Vega, Martin Fierro, Joe Satriani, Baaba Maal, Angelique Kidjo, The Allman Brothers, Buddy Miles, Buddy Cage, Screaminą Jay Hawkins, Elvin Bishop, Norton Buffalo, Amos Garrett, Warren Haynes, Hadi Al Sadoon, Stephen Perkins, Nicky Hopkins, Freddie Roulette, George Porter Jr., Steve Winwood, all members of Phish, Derek Trucks, Ivan Neville, Grace Slick, Papa John Creach, and many more.



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