Workshop Levels And Placement

How Do I Choose A Workshop/Level Appropriate To My Skills?

Please read our Skill Levels descriptions.

Consider these questions which are asked on the enrollment form:

  • What are some examples of songs you play now?
  • For guitarists: How do you play them (fingerstyle, strumming, combo, flatpick)? Are you aware of, or do you utilize chord shapes or partial shapes other than in first position?
  • How would you describe your thumb independence (ie, reliable alternate bass line played against melody line?)
  • What are your areas of confidence and weakness?
  • What kinds of songs/music do you enjoy listening to, and would love to be able to play? (feel free to include any Jorma/Hot Tuna songs in that list! Please limit to no more than 4 titles)
  • Have you composed any originals, or would you like to explore this?

For further analysis of skills/placement, contact our Educational Consultant

Visiting The Ranch

Please note: We are an alcohol and drug-free facility.

We would love to have you visit The Company Store/Psylodelic Gallery and our brand new River of Time Boutique! We just ask that you please call the office to schedule a visit: 740-992-2575

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10am – 3pm.

What Covid Safety Protocols Does The Ranch Have In Place For Guests?

Currently, the Ranch is not requiring proof of vaccinations. Masks are optional.

Should I Drive Or Should I Fly?

We are just under a 2 hour drive from the nearest airport. Estimate your travel time from home to airport, pre-flight wait, flight time (and possible delays), baggage claim, ground travel to Ranch from airport and compare to your estimated driving time. We have found that most guests up to 500 miles away decide to drive. There is ample parking onsite for cars and an RV or two.

Distance From Fur Peace Ranch:

  • Charleston, WV: 75 Miles
  • Columbus, OH: 90 Miles
  • Cincinnati, OH: 161 Miles
  • Pittsburgh, PA: 200 Miles
  • Cleveland, OH: 215 Miles
  • Detroit, MI: 295 Miles
  • Baltimore, MD: 350 Miles
  • Washington, DC: 350 Miles
  • Raleigh/Durham, NC: 370 Miles
  • Nashville, TN: 400 Miles
  • Philadelphia, PA: 450 Miles
  • Chicago, Ill: 450 Miles
  • St Louis, MO: 500 Miles
  • New York City: 520 Miles
  • Memphis, TN: 615 Miles
  • Boston, MA: 740 Miles
  • Dallas, TX: 1070 Miles
  • Denver, CO: 1340 Miles
  • Los Angles, CA 2330 Miles
  • Seattle, WA: 2510 Miles
  • 2400 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA: 2537 Miles

What Is The Nearest Airport?

Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is just under 2 hours from the Ranch. Yeager Airport (CRW) in Charlestown, WV is another less used option. For the few of you who fly your own private aircraft, our nearest airport is Gordon K Bush Ohio University Airport, located in Albany, OH.

Where Can I Stay?


Athens (17 miles)
Gallipolis (25 miles)


Some are “in town,” others are “off the beaten path.”


What Are Some Places You Would Recommend For Dining?



Facilities At The Ranch

The Fur Peace Ranch is now a NON-SMOKING CAMPUS. This decision has been made for the safety and health of all staff and guests. If you would like to smoke you must go to your car.

Tell Me About The Cabins: Size, Electricity, Heat?

Cozy, comfortable, warmly painted and appointed with shelves and area rugs, with two good twin beds. They are well insulated with baseboard heat, air conditioning and ceiling fans. There is an overhead light and reading lights. The Cabins are (8′ x 12′). They are cozy quarters, and there is room for belongings to be stashed under the beds.

What Are The Washrooms Like?

There are commodious men’s and women’s washrooms, each with two sinks, counters, bathroom stalls and 3 excellent showers. There is full electricity, outlets and heat.

How Far Are The Cabins From The Washrooms?

It varies with cabin location but the average distance is about 50′ – 200′.

What Kind Of Clothing/Attire Is Suitable?

Gentlemen: Slacks, dress shirt, and tie.
Women: Skirts or dresses of at least ankle length and a modest top.

Just kidding! Casual, and comfortable is our style . . . dress for the weather. We are in a temperate climate zone with a wide temperature range. In early spring and late fall you can expect overnight temperatures to drop near or below freezing, with daytime highs just a few degrees warmer up to as high as 60-70F – if we’re lucky. During the summer months of June, July and August overnight lows can range anywhere from 50 to perhaps as high as the low-80s. Daytime highs during the summer can reach as high as 100, but is usually around 80-90 degrees. Our region also experiences high levels of humidity during the summer months contributing to the heat index.

Is Merchandise Available At The Ranch?

Yes! For an overview of clothing, CDs, souvenirs and musical accoutrements check out the Fur Peace Company Store.

Is There High Speed Internet Access Near The Ranch?