Find Your Inner Blues Troubadour!

Come find your Inner Blues Troubadour with Eric Bibb April 21-24, 2017.  One (1) seat has become available for Eric’s previously sold out workshop!

Do you want to make your guitar sound like a barrelhouse piano and find your own voice in the Blues?  In this workshop he will give you pointers to serve you in developing your own style for self-accompaniment. Starting with a foundation of elemental Blues structures, Eric will illustrate how to expand on the basics.  Emphasis will be on inspiring and teaching you to develop your own personal style.

This class will examine moving bass lines, arrangements, extended harmonies, guitar tunings, adding an exciting chord to a basic Blues structure,  intensity in playing…..all elements that will show you how to make the most of six strings. The class will also take time to study Blues songwriting.  You will look at how to write new songs in the pre-war Blues style and new ways to play songs in the Folk and Blues tradition.

Learn how to lock into a groove, find the right bass line, incorporate melody, sing out and find your inner blues troubadour.

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