1 Seat Available for Jorma’s Quah Revisited Workshop

One seat is still available for Jorma’s “Songs of Quah Revisited After 4 Decades” this weekend – April 21-24.  This is a level 3 workshop . . . you should have facility with thumb independence with alternating thumb pattern accompanied by melodic lines; experience with songs that depart from pattern fingerpicking; acquaintance with chord inversions in several positions up the neck.

Songs of Quah Revisited After 4 Decades

Quah was my first solo album…a big deal for me at that time. The album was recorded with my friend, Tom Hobson. The initial plan was to have side-A be my work and side-B be Tom’s. However, RCA felt that Tom’s recordings, would not be accepted by the public. Today, he would be considered a quirky alt-country singer/songwriter and people would love him. Then, however, the suits at RCA opined that his work was too eccentric. Initially, the record was planned to be released in mid-1973, but because of the issues with RCA and Tom, I returned to the studio to record new tracks for side B in May 1974. I have always thought that this recording was one of my best. I am still so proud of it today. It is with deep thanks to Jack Casady and Mallory Earl for helping to make this project stand the test of time.

I will take my students on the journey that I took so long ago and teach them some of my favorites from this work…like Genesis, I’ll Be Alright Someday, I’ll Let You Know Before I Leave, Flying Clouds, Another Man Done Gone, I Am The Light Of This World & Midnight In Milpitas. I will be breaking down the songs in terms of left and right hand architecture in addition to overlaying vocals on those songs that have them. As always, I will illustrate these songs in such a way that my students will perceive them in the entirety as songs and not just collections of licks.

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