Give Thanks!

photo by Frank Gibbs

I really want to thank every one for all the nice emails and phone calls over the last couple of days in regard to our show…..Hurl and the Spins… the Fur Peace this past weekend.  Judging from the amount of letters and the nice spirit of those letters…. everyone had a great time.  That really makes me happy because we (Hurl and the Spins)  had a great time as well.  Total greatness….. you can’t beat it.  One letter from someone at the show that night asked if I could put up a close up of the stage poster……so here you have it.
These posters are made by the top ranking Fur Peace Ranch artist …….the man responsible for the Fur Peace art and look…..yes, the one and only Kevin Morgan.  I give thanks for his friendship and his great works!

I also want to thank Brad Denson, bass player for  The Spins a.k.a. Lost On Iddings, for helping put the show together. Without his time and consideration into this project it would have never happened….a sad thought indeed.  Below is a picture of Brad and his daughter Daisy who is keeping the beat with her egg shaker, what a rhythm section!

photo by Franks Gibbs

Speaking of  giving thanks…….Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!!!


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