Ray Hurlbut (Hurl Sr.) with The Spins a.k.a. Lost On Iddings with Daisy Denson

What a fantastic time this past Saturday night at the Fur Peace Station…it was one of those evenings hard to describe in just words…there was a feeling in the air and you could feel the spirit of the music and the community adding to the magic of the Fur Peace vibe. This November 22nd concert date was originally an add-on show that we had scheduled for Carlene Carter. When Carlene Carter cancelled within 24 hours a new plan for the evening was hatched…a show with me, the Hurl, with my fairly new group…..Hurl and the Spins…along with Special Guest – Jorma!

Hurl and the Spins came together about two years ago when I was asked to play a friend’s wedding. Since I had just been playing pretty much solo guitar I felt I better get a band to work with for this special occasion. The summer before I had jammed with some good folks and good players as well and I called up the band’s musical director, Brad Denson and asked if they could accompany me for a wedding. Brad agreed as did his fellow band-mates in Lost on Iddings…..the band name they play under when not performing as Hurl and the Spins…..and that was the beginning of all the good times we have shared since.

We had a real good crowd at the Fur Peace Station that night with lots of friends and family. My Dad and brother were there as well as some old friends going way back and all the nice folks I’ve met at the Ranch over the years. It was an audience you would be thrilled to be playing in front of. There were also lots of young kids who brought a nice vibe to the evening’s magic.

This was a “concert only” night and I did my usual greetings and ticket disbursement at the front gate before heading into the Fur Peace Station for the concert. Vanessa and I did our usual concert introduction and then I excused myself while Vanessa informed the audience about all the shows on our 2015 Concert Schedule selling out. Giving me just enough time to change into a nice western shirt, next thing I knew Vanessa was introducing Hurl and the Spins.

The Fur Peace Station stage is a special place. We hear that from everyone that has played that stage over all the years……and it felt good to walk out from the backstage to the energy of the Fur Peace audience. I felt it too….big time……so did all the Spins……there’s just nothing like it. So…..we were feeling very IRIE to be at Fur Peace.

This is the set list:

Rollin In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
She Belongs To Me
Mama Tried
Beat It On Down The Line
A Day In The Country
Stand By Me
Nothstar (Lost on Iddings original without Hurl on stage)
Don’t Bring Me Down
Big Boss Man (with Jorma)
All Along The Watchtower (with Jorma)

You Ain’t Goin Nowhere
Me And Bobby McGee
Dark Hollow
Six Days On The Road
Born Under A Bad Sign
Friend Of The Devil
Smokestack Lightning (with Jorma)
A Little Faster (with Jorma)

The Weight

We really had a good time playing and the musicianship of the Spins is top shelf…..I feel so lucky to play with these guys and gal and we really get along so good together… both musically and socially …..it’s real easy to enjoy making music with them and I’m really feeling satisfied by our collaboration. I’d have to say it feels like magic. The songs we played our some of my favorite songs and every one of them were played just right…..we were all hitting it…..nice harmonies and great solos by the band members. If you go to Jorma’s blog you can read his entry in regard to this show and he has listed all the band members.

….and speaking of Jorma…..what a king!!! When we were putting this show together he agreed to be our special guest and even passed on a tempting offer to play that same night since he had already told me to count him in. Jorma really did some great soloing on the songs he came up for. Not only did it sound great it was loads of fun! He tore it up during Big Boss Man and we really did some jamming in All Along The Watchtower. We took it really nice and slow
getting into the song with just my acoustic and the congas setting the stage for Jorma to bring in a very electric…
heartfelt solo. He took some nice extended breaks and they were smoking. During the second set he put the shine on Smokestack Lightning and really ripped into A Little Faster. All the songs got a good jam and The Spins keyboardist, Hazy, along with the dual guitar attack on Rich and Eric all added more fire to the mix.

I want to thank everyone that came out and for supporting this show. Hazy mentioned to me that you could feel the energy coming from the audience. That is the ideal situation when there is a transfer of energy from the stage to the audience and then right back to the stage…..we were all feeling it. We got lots of nice comments after the show and Vanessa and Jorma were delighted as well…..they say we’ll have to do it again…..count me in!


Photos by Scotty Hall

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