I’ll be putting together a final recap of our great time at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York in the next few days. But first…..One of our dear Fur Peace friends has been in touch with me lately……..he has a bad case of Reggaemalidis. Some of you may wonder what that is about……, I’ll tell you. You see Steve has caught the vibe and caught it bad.

It happens when you dig in deep to Reggae music and it bites you with a solid one-drop riddim……add some conscious lyrics …….and you are taken by the sounds and can’t get enough of it. So……Steve reached out to the I, knowing that I am all about Reggae, and asked me for some recommendations. I sent him a note with my TOP TEN and have decided to put it out there for all to see and feel………….I would encourage any or all to submit there Top Ten Reggae favorites and we’ll drop them into the comments section of CHECKIN THE LEVELS…….Here’s mine….

1.) Marley – Natty Dread
2.) Marley – Survival
3.) Tosh – Equal Rights
4.) Culture – Two Sevens Clash
5.) Heptones – Night Food…..Unfortunately……out of print….I think they are getting ready to release a deluxe version
6.) Bunny Wailer – Black Heart Man
7.) Gregory Isaacs – Cool Ruler
8.) Gregory Isaacs – Soon Forward
9.) Dennis Brown – Wolfs and Leopards
10.) Spear – Marcus Garvey

Yes, these are all from the classic days…….that’s where my head and heart are at…….classic roots and culture! My favorite Reggae CD at this moment in time is by the EASY STAR ALL-STARS it is called Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Dub Band. This is a real fun listen….the Easy Stars are the ones that did DUB SIDE OF THE MOON in 2003. That CD was tremendously successful …. it was a reggae version of Floyd’s – Dark Side of the Moon. So ….. for the new release they have taken the Beatles’ classic, Sgt. Peppers, and they perform the album in its entirety with a special guest vocalist on each track. You get to hear Luciano doing “With a Little Help from my Friends”……Matisyahu does a crucial cover of “Within You Without You”……My favorite might be…..the mighty U – Roy doing “Lovely Rita”…..but the whole thing rocks nice and steady. Great idea and they have collected some of Reggae’s greats to sing the songs. Before making the trip to Big Indian for our FPR on the Road Workshops, I took a short but full trip to N. California for the Sierra World Music Festival.

What a great event this is and my tam is off to the fine people who are responsible for putting it on. The festival has been going on for years and it is known for presenting some of the finest music in the World ……especially Reggae sounds… a very nice spot in Booneville, California. This year’s lineup was top shelf……my favorites were……The Easy Star All-Stars, Heptones, Abyssinians, Sly and Robbie, King Sunny Ade and the Itals. I’m already looking forward to doing it again next summer. Alright, Peace and Good Vibes……………Nuff Respect!!!!!

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