Hurl and the Rasta Man!

Collaboration…….imagine David Lindley pronouncing this word in Rasta talk……KO….Lab…or…A-tion!! The dictionary says it means…”The action of working with someone to create something.” We’ve had three great shows in May at the Fur Peace Ranch and our good captain, Jorma, has had a chance during each of these performances to participate in some very cool collaborations! This past week with David Lindley was a great one! It’s always great to see the Ras …… he is a King, a great teacher and his playing is better then ever. During his show last Saturday David invited Jorma up to collaborate ……or should we say jam……on a couple of tunes. I believe the songs were Well, Well, Well and Rag Bag and boy, things really took off. They closed the set and performed the encore together. Anyhey, during the set’s last song with David playing the Weissenborn along with Jorma the music just smoked. They were creating right there …. at that very moment and for those of us bearing witness it was so coooool! I was on the edge of my seat and it was exciting just to see where this music was going to. It just kept getting better and better. For me these are truly the golden moments. It was pretty neat to be at the kitchen table the next morning when David came in. Jorma, graciously said…..”It was great playing with you last night, David” and
David’s reply was, “We went there.”…..Jorma concurred. Where there is …… is a very special place and sometimes you don’t know where there is until you hear it. It brings jamming to a higher level. Check out David here at Fur Peace last year…..

Jorma also got in some great collaboration during the Glass Harp show. That was another great time at the Fur Peace. We hosted Glass Harp on May 17th and it was another super show. This is the original three members that released their first, self titled, album on Decca in 1969…..John Sferra on drums…..Dan Pecchio on bass and Phil Keaggy on guitar. Well, they had Jorma come up during each set and each time was cool…..but, during the second set when JK joined in Phil started some improv jam… sounded kind of Santana-esque to me…..really nice rhythm that they worked in and with Jorma and Phil trading leads back and forth this was another unbelievable display of music. After jamming for a while, Phil called an audible to John and they were heading into “Crossroads” and it smoldered. The Harp kept the song along the “Cream” groove and with John singing……Dan grooving….Phil and Jorma traded leads and called and responded to each other as well. It was very exciting!!!

Then ….. going back to May 10th… Brian Auger and the Oblivion Express. A magical night of music and Jorma invited up for “Season of the Witch”. The song reminded me of Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield’s version on Super Session…..legendary! Brian set the pace and when he gave Jorma the nod the Captain came in nice and slow….holding that first note….good and long…..and then taking it way out from there. It was a nice long jam…with plenty of soloing.

These collaborations have all been pretty magical and I was glad to be there as a witness…..cause it would have been hard to describe…..these collaborations were not only creative…..but they brought the music to a realm where the magic is and you realize these notes were just for us……

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