Fur Peace TV

On Sunday afternoons here at the Fur Peace, when we are in session, we are treated to the best music variety show you could hope to see. I’m speaking of the Student Performance. We call it a workshop in disguise and as we tell our students….”It’s like an open mic”…..and as Jorma likes to add, “Except we all like each other.” During this time students get a chance to play on the Fur Peace Station stage…..the big stage……and we are treated to solo performances, duos, trios and group ensembles. It’s one of my favorite times during the course of the weekend……although the whole of all of our weekends is bombastic fantastic.

We have another great music variety show coming out of Fur Peace and you don’t have to be here to see it. I’m speaking of FUR PEACE TV! This has really become a great show. What it is …..you see……is the Ranch’s own YouTube channel and our great crew of camera men and women have been capturing some great film footage from our live shows and posting a song or two from each one on our YouTube channel. We started to film our concerts strictly for archival purposes. After looking at some of the great footage and also the great editing our team has been doing…..you see they’re working with four cameras…..we felt like we wanted to share some of the excitement with the world out there, so we started Fur Peace TV.

I’m just knocked out when I look at Fur Peace TV and all it offers. It reminds me of some of the great music we have been treated to here at the Ranch over the years. My only regret is that we did not start filming earlier……but as my good brother Donnie use to say……you can’t look at life through the rear-view mirror…so, I’m happy with what we have and with what we have coming.

I was speaking with my bredren……Ras Morgan…..also known as Kevin Morgan of Kevin Morgan Studio and he just informed me that we have now had over 550,000 videos viewed at Fur Peace TV…..that’s just incredible. We also have over 1,000 subscribers. This is all great news!!! I want to give a BIG UP to Kevin and Michael at Kevin Morgan Studio….and to Andie Walla Productions and her production team…..ALL RESPECT you are all doing a super job and your hard work and good taste are evident in your work. So……check it out and see some of the great music that comes off of that Fur Peace stage. Andie has recently added several videos from our Season Opener this year…….they’re the bomb and I’m not just saying that cause I’m in a couple of them……no sir……..just stating the facts. Bless UP and enjoy the Spring!