As some of you may know, our friend, Pete Huttlinger has been having some serious health issues. The gravity of these issues came to light for us at the beginning of this year’s Fur Peace Ranch camp season. Pete was suppose to be here on that weekend teaching and a few days before he would have arrived we heard from Erin, Pete’s wife, that he was back in the hospital and that it was unlikely he would be out of the hospital or able to teach on that opening weekend. We were able……with the help of Pete, Erin and Kim……to find a great substitute teacher for that class….and Tim Thompson did a great job of filling in for Professor Pete.

Since that time we have fielded many calls from folks concerned about Pete’s health. We have also received calls from some of our most respected Fur Peace alumni suggesting that we help organize “Donations for Pete” through the Ranch. Over this past weekend we thought about how we could do this and we also reached out to Erin to see how she felt about this. We have been given the “Go Ahead” from Erin and will start to collect monetary donations for Pete. If you feel inclined and are able to help in this regard……PLEASE send your check to the Fur Peace Ranch and note on the check that it is to be used for the “Donations for Pete” fund. We will then forward one big check (each month) to the Huttlingers. Our address is — Fur Peace Ranch, 39495 St. Clair Rd., Pomeroy, OH 45769.

I got a note from Erin today. I’ve asked her if it would be OK to post it on my blog and she has responded with an OK. Here is the letter………..

Hi John;

Thank you for all the wonderful support we feel from everyone individually at Fur Peace and from Fur Peace collectively.

Here are some things you can share with those asking.

1. To follow Pete’s progress, I will be posting at CaringBridge

2. I know that people are wanting to offer financial support. I can’t tell you how much we both appreciate that. I am opening a special account for this. People can either send checks directly to me, or via Fur Peace. The check(s) should probably be made out to me (Erin Huttlinger) so I don’t have to worry about whether Pete is up to endorsing them or not. They can be mailed to: P.O. Box 58283, Nashville, TN, 37205.

Thanks so much for all your help.

YES ERIN…….we are glad to be of help and we offer our prayers, a most powerful helper, as well! I checked out the Caring Bridge site and it is very good way to keep up on Pete’s progress. There is a sign-in requirement to get on the site, but even I could do it…….so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Thanks and Respect to all our wonderful Fur Peace Ranchers who have called to inquire about Pete…..please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.