I’ve been getting some calls and emails from folks that are wondering….”What happened to Hot Tuna Tunes?”  Hot Tuna Tunes (HTT) was set up by Fur Peace Ranch Management and “our” Hot Tuna / Jorma musical archivist…. Jason Greenberg.  The HTT site was set up to provide Tuna fans with “LIVE” Hot Tuna concerts downloads to add to their favorite Tuna LP and CD collections .  Jason and company have been doing a great job of recording the shows and getting them posted on the site.  As of late, there has been a change.  You will NO LONGER access LIVE Hot Tuna music through HTT, but instead will find all of the shows on ITunes.

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I caught up with Jason on the first date of the recently completed Electric Hot Tuna tour with Steve Earle… mon, oh, mon……they were burning it down. What a great double bill!!!  Steve does a great solo acoustic opening set and then Electric Hot Tuna brings a full serving of tasty Tuna tunes to the stage.  The addition of GE Smith on this tour has brought more fire to the already burnin Electric Hot Tuna set.  I thought the Westbury show was a scorcher, but from all reports from fans as well as the band……each show on this tour has gotten hotter and hotter!!!  I had asked Jason to drop me a note in regard to the LIVE MUSIC site and what the future plans were…..and he has kindly replied.  Because he wrote such a nice and informative letter I have asked him if it would be OK for me to post it as part of my blog…..and of course he agreed……I can be persuasive. So…the letter follows.  All respect to my friend, Jason, his love of the music is the driving force in making this happen.  We are all thankful that these recordings allow us now ….and even way into the future…..the chance to experience or re-experience the sound of LIVE HOT TUNA.

Thanks for the letter JG…….

Hey Johnny Hurl
Great seeing you in L.I. NY…What an opening night of the Tour. The rest of the shows were just as amazing. I really liked the Electric Hot Tuna Quintet with the addition of G.E. Smith.  He sure did add some tasty licks.  When you listen to this touring version of Electric Tuna there will be times you’ll be reminded of Tuna from the Spring of ’75 especially when G.E. is playing slide on songs “I See The Light” & “Been So Long”.  It sure brings back the images for those who were there in ’75 and those who have heard it on tape.   Also, new this tour were the addition of some effects pedals.  Barry added an envelope filter to his arsenal which really lead to some mind expanding solos as well as a great rhythmic effect on tunes like “Corners Without Exits”. Jack, played at times a white Jack Casady Signature Bass and also introduced a cool fuzz pedal to his rig which he uses during solos in “Funky #7″ & “99 Year Blues”.  Definitely a good time had by all.

As you might have heard HotTunaTunes has found a new home on iTunes. As of May 15th, 2010 the catalog has been going live and starting September we’ll be adding to the catalog. We’ll be adding a couple shows a month. Looks like September 7th is the target date for the 2010-July-20th show from Rams Head Live!  A great set with Steve Earle joining the fun for the encore singing and adding acoustic guitar to the Townes Van Zandt’s tune “Brand New Companion”.

The setlist/download will consist of:
Been So Long
Hesitation Blues
I Can’t Be Satisfied
Ode For Billy Dean
Get A Little
Living Just For You
Sea Child
If This Is Love, I Want My Money Back
Bowlegged Woman, Knock Kneed Man
Buffalo Skinners
Water Song
99 Year Blues
Talkin’ ‘Bout You
Band Introductions
Come Back Baby
Brand New Companion with Steve Earle

See you soon