Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!
I had wanted to get a post up before the New Year and I see I just made it…..The Chinese and Lunar New Year starts on Feb. 14th.  For all those who have already been celebrating ….Happy New Year!  Here we are in the year of 2010… seems like it was only yesterday we were fretting over Y2K….yes, the time is moving fast.  Some folks are calling this year two thousand and ten…..I heard Lester Holt refer to it as Twenty – Ten…..my good friend and FPR alumni, Leon “The Lion”  has called it Two-Thousand and Zen…..now I really like that.  We finished off last year blazing and when we all looked back at the year in perspective,  we just had to give THANKS for the blessings that came our way.  We’ve been having a good and productive down-time here at the Ranch……but I wouldn’t be kidding a bit to tell ya that we’re all looking forward to kicking off our 13th Season here at the Fur Peace.  I’m heading to California in the morning.  Flying out to San Diego and then we’re driving up to the Desert Hot Springs for our FPR On The Road Workshop at the Miracle Springs Resort.  To say that I am looking forward to the trip……well,  that’s for sure….we’ve been having an oppressive winter here in Ohio with lots of snow and cold, cold, cold temps.  There was a point in January where for two weeks we never got above freezing…..20′s for a high and single digits at night.  The cold weather has kept the snow in place and this is the most snow we’ve had in some years.  Right now as I write the snow is continuing to come down and the cold won’t let up.  I’ve heard more then one person say….enough already.  But……what are you gonna do…….this is winter time in the mid-west.
Hurl outside his office

Hurl outside his office - anyone for frisbee?

Everyone is doing fine around the Ranch.  Miss Kitty has been staying warm in my office during the days and in her nice cat-house at night.  I imagine all my blog readers have been checking out Vanessa’s blog……as she noted in her most recent blog……we’ve been having some great lunches together and the sharing of soup and fellowship has been warming to the heart.  I’ll tell you what……that Vanessa can make a nice soup.  We all have been taking turns in the kitchen and I’ve got to send a BIG UP out to Brett…..Vanessa’s Assistant…..he too can make some good soup….only surpassed by the great bread he has been making from scratch and bringing in to compliment the soup of the day.  Let us not forget Ms. Kelly….the lady who runs the Co. store…..she’s been bringing in some vital vittles as well.  So even though it has been cold and nasty weather……we’re eating good ……breaking bread……and remembering to give thanks.

Now that Jorma……boy, oh boy…..he’s been busy as ever.  He was in for our soup lunch at the end of last week and we got to catch up a bit.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Jorma /  David Bromberg Tour that just finished up. Jorma said all but one of the shows were completely sold-out…..YEAH!  It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as we have been privileged here at the Ranch with Jorma and Dave doing a show together each of the last couple of years.  They have a great dynamic on stage…..one that comes from years of friendship……and a gigantic amount of talent…..they have a mutual respect that is understated and a joy for life that is contagious.  I’m glad this show went on the road so that others can enjoy and see Jorma and David…..alone and together.  Check out Jorma’s Tour Page for future Jorma and Dave dates scheduled in the Spring.

After our session at the Miracle Hot Springs……fellow instructor and guitar master……GE Smith will join Jorma for a string of dates on the west coast.  This will be another cool run of shows and Jorma and GE have a nice dynamic as well….not to be missed.  The word is that GE has become a member of the ELECTRIC HOT TUNA line-up and that is a win for everybody!

Now in closing……and speaking of wins……I want to give a BIG UP to the city of New Orleans and it’s New Orleans Saints.  I don’t get to watch much football during the season…..but once the playoffs start….I’m on it.  Of course I was disappointed that my Cleveland Browns didn’t make it this year……the disappointment has been long-term……but the post season games have been just great!  By the time it got to the last four teams…..well, heck…..any of them could have been the champions.  But the title goes to the Saints and maximum respect to them, their city and their fans!  And while I’m talking about champs and winning………A BIG….BIG…..UP to my true brother Spencer Bohren who was awarded the BLUES FOUNDATION’S KEEPING THE BLUES ALIVE AWARD in EDUCATION!!!!  Spencer you are a true treasure and a great teacher and the award is so deserving !!!!!!  Yes……lots of good things are happening……it’s feeling like another pennant season.
Bless Up!