We had a private event out at the Ranch this weekend…..it was a spiritual retreat for a nice group of OU students and recent graduates.   This group has been coming to the Ranch for 10 years now and they have two to three retreats during the year. The makeup of the group changes each time….people come and go…….however, the spirit and vibe is always bright and positive.  They are always very appreciative of what we do here and we always get a lot of thanks ….. and we in turn thank them for bringing their spirit to Fur Peace.

So…..Saturday morning… after putting breakfast together and getting some things done…..Vanessa came by and picked me up and we made the drive up to Columbus. We met up with Jorma over at the Whole Foods store at 3670 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.  Our reason for being at Whole Foods on this day was  to take part in a tea tasting and also for Jorma and Barry to do a mini-concert in the store.

The tea that was being sampled was JORMA’s Rhythm Tonic Tea

Barry Mitterhoff’s …Fret No More Tea…

Jack Casady’s…True Religion Green Tea…..

and my very own…Ras Hurl’s Blessings Tea. All these teas are part of the Fur Peace Ranch Tea line. 

Ras Hurl, Peter Hurlbut and Don Rueben enjoy the Blessings Tea

Ras Hurl, Peter Hurlbut and Don Ruben enjoy the Blessings Tea

These fine teas all come in an attractive tea tin and they are all blended with love by the tea lady herself…… Maureen Burns from Herbal Sage Tea Co.

It was a special event, and we are very happy to report that our entire line of teas can now be found in the regional Whole Foods’ stores……yes – ire…..Fur Peace Teas taking over.  Jorma and Barry did a nice job playing and Vanessa was enjoying strolling through the crowd with a tray of tea samples for folks to try.  It really was a nice turnout and I sure enjoyed getting to visit with some old Cowtown buddies ….some that I had not seen in a long time.  The teas were selling well and I’m thrilled to be able to tell ya that they sold out of ALL of Ras Hurl’s Blessing Tea.  So……I hope you will check out the great teas that the Fur Peace offers…….they are tasty and good and the very cool tea tins the tea comes in make for a great stash tin for guitar picks and whatnots.  FYI…..the tea tins also make a great gift idea and YES….you can get them from the Fur Peace Ranch Co. Store………. Enjoy!