Our Couples’ Weekend at the Fur Peace Ranch has been a very special weekend ever since its inception 11 years ago.  It was during the second Couples’ Weekend that I came up with this killer plan ……for a killer band ….to play with me during the student performance…….and thus was born Hurls Girls.

Hurls Girls are…, the Hurl….along with all the ladies who attend Couples Weekend.  Now for the very first one,  two of the ladies…..Tina from Finland and another lady from Detroit, who was a bad bass player and I’m sorry to say I have forgotten her name…..accompanied me on guitar while all the other ladies provided soulful background vocals.  During our early years, some of the ladies were too shy to take the stage, but that doesn’t happen anymore……we won’t allow it…..we need full participation to get the sound I’m looking for.  So…we’ve been building this up over the years and we may have reached our highest heights this past August during our part of the performance.  A little bit more background information…..several years ago I bent the rules and we added to this ALL female band another male member….Collin Rocker…..and he did a killer job playing some fine bass in the band.  Collin has been on the stage with me and the gals for the last few years and he has really added some nice bass grooves.  Now for Couples Weekend 2010 the Rockers were not able to make the trip to the Ranch, thus breaking their attendance streak…..and we really missed Jon and Lori ….. along with my bass player…..their son….Collin. So…..I had to think quick…..and find a bass player of the highest order.  Fortunately, for us all,  such a bass player was ranchside and he agreed to join the group for our Sunday performance. Yes, the one and only Byron House was here teaching bass for the weekend and he joyfully jumped in to play bass with me and the girls.  This year we selected two beautiful songs to perform….The Dino Valenticlassic “Get Together” made famous by the Youngbloods and the Bob Marley anthem….”One Love”.

We have a great time putting our song arrangements together and practicing the songs before the Sunday show.  We met up on Friday night to work on our two songs and the practice went great.  We nailed “Get Together”  almost immediately…..these gals are good.  “One Love” took a little bit more work and its funny how a song you know so well can be so hard to work out.  The song has some very nice call and response vocals that make it a bit tricky and the timing and delivery is important for the song to come off properly.  So….we rehearsed Friday night and then again on Saturday and its getting there……still I’m feeling a tad nervous about pulling it off.  Come Sunday early afternoon …..we do one last practice session …..with Byron and 19 wonderful…and I do mean…..absolutely great…..female background singers……and it during this practice that we positively run through the “One Love”… and feel the One Love that has us all as happy as a Rasta in Zion!!!  So ….we’re ready.

For this Sunday’s student performance we decide to do it in the Workshop building, which has a small stage and was our concert hall before the Fur Peace Station was built. This is going to be a completely unplugged student performance (another first) and we are ready.  These student performances are some of the best times we have in the course of a weekend and this one was no different.  Massive respect to all the students that took the stage and played the songs……it was a heaven of a time.  As we got toward the end of the afternoon performances Hurls Girls took the stage. This video clip from YouTube captures the great feel and great sound that was Hurls Girls on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon in August. 

We were all blazin with how well everything went down….for we did Bob proud and played our finest version of “One Love” that afternoon.  Sometimes you can come away from a performance with the feeling that you wished you had done it as well LIVE as you had in practice. But for us…..Hurls Girls…..we saved the best performance for the people and for that Sunday performance….Let JAH be praised!!!!

I would like to thank the faboulous singers, that make up Hurls Girls…..ladies, your singing is very IRIE and I am so happy that we could make music together. For the ladies who have been a part of Hurls Girls in the past, but have been unable to get back to the Ranch…..remember….once a Hurls Girls…..well you know. I’ve got to tell ya, Bob always felt so good having the I-Threes singing background with him…..for me, having 19 background singers pushes feeling good to the highest of heights! Whoaaaaaaa, bwoi…….A BIG UP to Ras Byron as well for dubbing it up and laying down some crucial bass…..a BIG UP to ALL!!!! Bless and Bless again!