Yes, Give Thanks….Jorma’s great new CD, River of Time, will be released on a vinyl format on April 13th. Vinyl refers to LPs, good old, but never out of fashion, records. I don’t know if you have noticed lately, but….records are making a comeback. I don’t think they’ll ever return to the dominant choice, but …… it sure is nice to have a choice. For many years the LP, long-play record, served us well. It was pretty much driven to extinction by the RECORD companies and the advent of compact discs. But vinyl has been ever enduring and probably more so then some of the record execs would have thought. Last year vinyl records were the only category that showed an increase in sales amid rather flat sales for CDs and downloads. Indeed, I was knocked out with surprise the other day when I went into a Barnes and Nobles and saw a rack of records in their DVD / CD section of the store. The display had a bunch of Beatles records on it and they looked great. SO…….being a record guy……it brings me great joy to announce this release.

I know my friends -Mel and Carol Hartley – will be coming up from Florida for the John Hammond show. Usually we get to spend a night at my pad listening to records on my LP12 Linn turntable……it will be sooooooooo cool to be able to play some NEW vinyl for them, especially since it is NEW Jorma vinyl !!!
The album will be available at the Fur Peace Store in the coming week. Be sure to watch for it!

Our New Kentucky Home

The Fur Peace Ranch would like to give a big shout out to our new friends and neighbors at Northern Kentucky University. The university’s public radio station, WNKU-FM (89.7), became the first public radio station in the nation to pick up “Jorma Kaukonen’s Live from the Fur Peace Ranch” radio show. Congratulations to the Norse of NKU! The shows airs Sunday mornings at 11am. So if your in the greater Cincinnati area, be sure to tune in and listen! If you have a Apple iPhone (who doesn’t these days…me!) you can download the new NPR app that allows you to stream dozens of NPR stations directly to your phone. WNKU-(89.7) is a participating NPR radio station. So no matter were you are on Sunday mornings, you can listen via your phone. Technology is a wonderful thing! Here’s a nice article at cincinnati.com that gives a review.

And of course you can always listen to our favorite public radio station, WOUB-(91.3). Or go online at woub.org, where you can listen to “Live form the Fur Peace Ranch” all day long.


I really want to THANK all of the Fur Peace students and alumni who responded to my call for help in distributing the Fur Peace Ranch informational brochures. Shortly after I got back from St. Croix….Thunder Mike did an email blast for me soliciting distribution help. Well within a couple of days I must have got a couple hundred letters from people offering their assistance. This is a gigantic help and everyone here at the Ranch appreciates the help we received in spreading the word about the musical workshops the Fur Peace Ranch offers. This effort was so successful that we ran out of brochures before I could answer everyone’s letters. The good news is that we have our tri-fold FPR pamphlets in many of the fine guitar stores throughout the USA and we sent out packages of brochures to all regions in these United States. MANY THANKS to all of Hurl’s Helpers.


As I look at my last journal entry,  I find it hard to believe that it has been five weeks since my last update.  Time is just flying by. A lot has happened in that short time.  Right after that GUITAR BLUES show I took a nice trip to visit with some friends on St. Croix in the  US Virgin Islands.  I had never been to St. Croix and I was just knocked out by the island’s beauty and laid back vibe. I got back from the trip and jumped right into Fur Peace work mode….we had our first rental of the year with a group of Ohio University students. This group has been coming to the Ranch for the past 9 years to hold spiritual retreats and we always look forward to hosting their retreats.  If you are interested in spending a relaxing weekend at the Ranch you should consider attending the Integral Yoga weekend, April 24-26, 2009.

The following weekend I took off with mi bredren, Kevin Morgan, for a road trip to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, PA.  We had only 24 hours in the city but boy did we pack it in.  Kevin is the man responsible for the Fur Peace look……he has done all of our posters, shirt designs, logos,  Fur Peace Station design….Jorma’s new CD cover…on and on.  Anyhey, he has been doing the poster art for the FAB FAUX, which is a group of studio musicians who do a fantastic job of covering the music of the Beatles.  Kevin had done the poster for the Keswick show that we had come to see.  We really wanted to see and hear the show, but one of the real blessings was our visit with the Rocker’s….Jon, Lori, Collin and Kailey.  Lori works with the FF so….she was our in and mon, oh mon…..did she treat us good.  We had a great Greek dinner before the show and were joined by the Ratkowski’s…..Rich and Andrea….some great folks that I met through the Ranch that have become permanent friends. 

It was so great to be able to break bread and enjoy some great conversation with a table full of friends.  The show was incredible…..the Fab Faux had brought along the Hogshead Horn Section and the Creme Tangerine Strings and they added all those fine horn and strings sections called for in the Beatles arrangements. Here is a clip of them on the Letterman Show.

The second set consisted of the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band LP played in its entirety…..followed by an encore of Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane and All You Need Is Love…..It was certainly a thrill!!!!

The following weekend….March 13 – 16…..was our first camp weekend here at Fur Peace.  This was one of our “Special Weekends” with Jorma and Steve Kaufman teaching to a limited group of students.  For these “Special Weekends”  we only have two teachers and we limit the class size so that each student gets their own cabin. This was a GREAT start me up weekend.  How nice to get Steve Kaufman to the Fur Peace.  Steve is such a great player and he is as great a teacher.  Steve and his wife are the pioneers in the world of music camps.  Their award winning camps, “Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamps“  have been going on since 1990 down in Tennessee and Steve has also brought his guitar teaching to many other camps around the world……he is indeed the “World’s Greatest Guitar Instructor”.  Both Jorma and Steve had great classes and it was nice to see some of our “repeat offenders”  (as we like to call our regulars)  as well as some new folks making their first trip out to the Fur Peace. 

On Saturday night both JK and SK put on a performance just for the students in the Library at the Ranch.  JK started things off with a nice set that included some of the songs from the new CD….River of Time.  With just 20 people on hand the show took on a house concert feel.  After Jorma’s set, Steve came up and proceeded to put on a display of great guitar flatpicking. His warm up number got his fingers moving and everyone’s attention as well….he is one of the finest flatpickers out there. And when Steve wasn’t busy playing guitar he was helping out around the kitchen.

John needs some coffee in the morning!

John needs some coffee in the morning!


Sunday night was another special concert treat for the campers in attendance…..Marjorie Thompson who was at the Ranch serving in her capacity as Jorma’s TA put on a show for everyone and she put on a fine show and also played us some of the new songs she was planning on recording for her next project. So…between all the workshops, concerts and jamming …..it was a full weekend of music…….just like you might imagine at guitar camp.  Now this brings us almost up to date…..I’ll have a full report about the past weekend we just had with Jorma, Bill Kirchen and Tim Reynolds in my next entry.