I’m sure most music fans and all Jorma fans are hip to this info…….but I wanted to make sure. Our Flagship Captain, Jorma, has a new CD coming out on Redhouse Records on February 10th.

Jorma Kaukonen New CD River of Time

The new CD is titled…..River of Time and it captures Jorma in a very good space. Jorma had a few advance copies when he arrived in Desert Hot Springs for our FPR On the Road Workshops and he was kind enough to lay one on me. I’ve got to tell ya that I’ve been playing it like crazy and loving it more with each play. I really like CDs that hit you like that….on each repeated listen you find more to like about the music contained within. Now I’ve been listening to Jorma for a long time. I can remember being turned onto “Quah”, Jorma’s first solo effort, when I was just getting ready to head off to college. One of my best friends that I played music with had brought it over and we made that a staple in our music menue for a long time. It’s a record you never tire of. Now here we are a little over 35 years later and the River of Time is giving me those same old feelings. If you want to be one of the first ones in the yard to own this CD….may I suggest a trip over to the Fur Peace Ranch Company Store where you can pre-order this title.

I’m not going to spoil anyone’s surprise by giving you a review at this time. I will tell you some things to look forward to….First off…Larry Campbell produced the CD and plays a whole lot of instruments on it. He has really brought out the best in Jorma and left a lot of space around the notes, which seems to be the way he does production….. a real nice and clean sound…..totally organic. The songs selected for the CD are outstanding as is the sequencing – it has a flow to it just like that river of time. Jorma revisits
one of his originals from the second Hot Tuna record….”Been So Long” and this version makes new and fresh one of the oldest songs in Jorma’s body of work. There are two instrumentals that are just beautiful and I love where they are placed in the lineup. There are some NEW songs recently penned by the Cap that stand with the best songs he has ever written. There is another Roy Book Binder original that gets “Jorma-sized” and is a perfect song for the Captain to be playing. There are several old blues chestnuts like “Trouble in Mind”….which features Levon Helm on drums… as well and they all are a perfect fit for Jorma. I’m also really glad to hear a recorded version of Pigpen’s “Operator” on this CD. Jorma has been performing that song for a while now on tour and it is a killer…….a great addition. SO…..we have some great new music to look forward to. I know there is still a lot of this year ahead of me….but I’m already putting this in my Album of the Year box.

I’ll sign off for today, but I’ve got a lot of notes from the California trip that I’ve got to report on and I do plan on doing just that in the next few days. Peace and Blessings!

Back in the Buck with the Blues again

Thursday. ….January 29th……..Well we had us a great time out in the California desert doing the Fur Peace Ranch on the Road Workshops at the wonderful Miracle Springs Resort in Desert Hot Springs. I got back to Ohio at about midnite on Monday and it has been a brutal welcome home. Tuesday morning started with about 5 inches of snow, which was followed by about an inch of ice….and then more snow and some sleet. By the time night-time’s cold temps kicked in everything was frozen and boy it was a
mess. Stayed home all day Tues. and Wed…..the roads are in bad shape and we had a level 3 emergency which means ….stay home and off the road. Today, Thursday, I went out to the Ranch, but the electric is still down there……..I’ve grabbed my new laptop computer and am at a nice coffee house in Athens making use of their high speed connection and catching up on some writing.
mobile ras hurl
I am a sunny kind of guy and love the sun and heat… Kingston in the summertime…… so being in California for most of January has been just great…..yet as I look out at the ice on the Hocking River and the snow that covers the hills and pines I have to think of that well worn and true saying…..IT’S ALL GOOD…….and indeed it is.