Welcome to Checkin The Levels

Hello World……..

Welcome to the Ranch Manager’s, John Hurlbut, blog.  As you can see, the Fur Peace Ranch website has been given a nice revitalization and along with a space for me to talk about the runnings at the Fur Peace Ranch.  I will be checking in from time to time to update and relate events that are happening here at the Ranch.

“Checking the Levels”  is a term heard down in one of my favorite places….. Jamaica….. it refers to what is going on and what is happening.  This will be the basis for my journal…… what is happening at Fur Peace,  what happened at Fur Peace, updated announcements hot off the wire, notice of upcoming concerts, workshops and special events.

I will also offer up concerts reviews,  record reviews,  insider information, and reasonings on all sorts of things.  We are gonna make it fun and informational.  So………..please check the levels and we’ll
keep the vibe level and right.