And this is what I come back too???

So…….After a great time in California, I’m home — here in the Buckeye State of Ohio. I landed late at night in Columbus and a good friend was there to pick me up….even though it isn’t snowing …..the remnants remain of what must have been a lot of snow while I was gone……bummer that I missed out on that. I head into work on Wednesday morning and when I & I opened the door to cabin #4… office…..well I almost had a heart attack. Clutching my chest …..just like Fred G. Sanford… eyes look around the room and it dawns on me that my office has had a complete makeover……and they must have got a Rastaman to do it. Whoooooaaaa, boy…….and what an IRIE job he done.

Ras Hurl takin' it all in

Ras Hurl takin' it all in

While I was out in California, the boss lady…..Vanessa, had made arrangements with our great friend……and Rasta brother……Kevin Morgan to surprise me with a complete renovation of my office……with REGGAE in mind. I was so knocked out that I almost could not speak and just had to look and look……it was totally amazing. I’ve got a new wood-like laminate floor……and a very earthy green new coat of paint on the walls……and a desktop stained in the Ites colors of red, gold and green…..and red, green and gold shelves too…….another WHOOOOAAA BOY…….and a new oil painting of Bob as a centerpiece on the main wall. When I find out that Kevin did the work, I just had to ring him up. As I’m telling him how much I LOVE what he had done……I ask……”Where the Bob painting come from?….I never seen that around your house” ….and he replies….”That’s a gift I painted for the I”.
Ras Hurl enjoying his renovated digs

Ras Hurl enjoying his renovated digs

Well as you can see from this picture… is a very impressive painting. I would go as far to say……It is the best painting of Bob I’ve ever seen. Bob in about 1975….just starting to dreadout…. about the same time I seen him live for the first time. Well……you see why I was so knocked out. Anyhey, BIG UP and BIG THANKS to Ras Morgan and his expert helper…..Davo….also known as Dave Shaulis !!! It’s funny when I talked to Kevin, he was concerned about how he had put my things back in place……..and I had to say….no worries, mon…. I & I could not have placed them any better. A BIG, BIG thanks to Vanessa and Jorma too…..always doing nice things for the I…….Yes…..the blessings continue……give thanks!

Be a Star, Shine Your Light

Sure does feel like the holiday season around the Ranch. The boys are on the road, the boss is away and Queen Deb is “Decking the Halls’. Santa’s Little Helpers are busy at the North Pole… making sure your glad tidings of joy arrive in time for your holiday celebration…peace on earth. If you haven’t heard, the Company Store is having a Holiday Sale with some great incentives to get your favorite people some Fur Peace gear.

Another thing you might want to get your friends and family is a copy of the December/January 09 of Relix Magazine which has a fabulous article about the long lasting and inspiring relationship between Jorma and Jack. There are some great quotes and comments in the article. One of my favorites is about the fantastic Warren Haynes weekend.

“That weekend with Warren Haynes,” he (Jack) continues, “was as much of a musical milestone as there’s ever been for me. And Warren said the same thing: “this weekend is what I got into music for.”

WOW. Those are some powerful statements from some musical giants. It was a once in a lifetime show….Definitely a magical musical moment for everyone in the audience. If you want to hear the Warren Haynes show you can tune into WOUB Radio (our local public radio station) and listen to the download. Many Thanks to Rusty Smith, the FPR Concert Series producer and engineer for all his great work throughout the year.

Before I get out of here…. I need all you good people to send out some positive vibrations to my brotha’ and fellow Rasta, Kevin Morgan. Brother Morgan is the kindest of souls. He is an intregal part of the happenings here at the ranch and his influence can be seen on everything from the concert posters, t-shirts and the web site.  I need all of you stars to shine your light on Kevin while he recovers from a recent health issue. Your light will help him get through these rough waters and hopefully on to a sandy beach in Jamaica. Bless Up.

Welcome to Checkin The Levels

Hello World……..

Welcome to the Ranch Manager’s, John Hurlbut, blog.  As you can see, the Fur Peace Ranch website has been given a nice revitalization and along with a space for me to talk about the runnings at the Fur Peace Ranch.  I will be checking in from time to time to update and relate events that are happening here at the Ranch.

“Checking the Levels”  is a term heard down in one of my favorite places….. Jamaica….. it refers to what is going on and what is happening.  This will be the basis for my journal…… what is happening at Fur Peace,  what happened at Fur Peace, updated announcements hot off the wire, notice of upcoming concerts, workshops and special events.

I will also offer up concerts reviews,  record reviews,  insider information, and reasonings on all sorts of things.  We are gonna make it fun and informational.  So………..please check the levels and we’ll
keep the vibe level and right.