A Letter from Geoff

The fires that have been burning this week in Australia are starting to be contained, but the damage that they have brought will take some time to recover from.  If you have seen some of the pictures on the news you know the massive scope of the destruction.

Bushfires – ABC News Link

The following letter comes to us from one of  our dear friends and a long time member of the Fur Peace family….Geoff Achison.  This disaster is their Katrina…… maybe we could offer a hand up to the communities down under.  Thanks!

Hi Everyone
We are experiencing some of the worst wildfires on record this week.
Fires have ravaged communities across the state of Victoria.

You may read of the town of Marysville being razed to the ground. It was a beautiful place in the hills and one which I visited many times to perform at the historic Homestead Inn. That venue is, in all likelihood, gone. You may have also read of the devastation wrought on Kinglake. This township is only a few miles from our beloved St Andrews pub and we fear very much for our people there. Many lives have been lost and hundreds of properties utterly destroyed. The danger has not yet past either.

Michelle, Jacob & I have been fortunate enough to live in a region un-touched by this disaster but we have been watching and listening in a state of shock.

We are very distressed and concerned for all those affected by the fires. The work now being carried out by such organisations as the Red Cross and Salvation Army are providing much needed food, clothing and emergency shelter. The best thing we can do though is to raise as much money as we can to allow these essential services to continue and help those people in burnt out areas make the first steps towards re-building their lives.

Michelle is at this moment organising a benefit gig for Tuesday 24th of this month where we will stage the biggest concert we can to assist with fund raising. We’ve done it before with enormous response for the victims of the Asian Tsunami and then again for Hurricane Katrina. These are tough times for all but even one Dollar, Pound or Euro from enough generous people around the world can make an enormous difference.

If you’d like to help, you can make a secure online donation via the Victorian RED CROSS site.