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1. Heart Temporary
2. Fur Peace Rag
3.By the Rives of Babylon
4. Living in the Moment
5. Late Breaking News
6. Come Back Baby
7. Mighty Hard Pleasure
8. No Demon
9. There's a Table Sitting in Heaven
10. When the Man Comes Around
11. A Life Well Lived
12. Will there be any Stars in My Crown?
13. Preacher Picked Guitar
14. Will there be any Stars in My Crown?(instrumental)

Jorma's Thoughs on the CD:
Songs seek me out when the time comes to record a project. It seems as if they know way before I do that at some point I am going to do another project. For example, "Fur Peace Rag", "A Life Well Lived" and "Living In The Moment" started to call my name in the very beginning of this century. "Rag" started in the back lounge of a bus. "Life" came to me as I was working in Canada with my friend Michael Falzarano and "Moment" started as I picked my guitar in our living room at home and finished itself as I sat on the back porch one warm Spring night. In the Fall of 2003 Vanessa and I were having a heart to heart talk about relationships. She opened my eyes to some poignant realities, stopped in mid sentence and suddenly said with a smile, "This is a good idea for a song!" I ran to the upstairs of my new barn and wrote "Heart Temporary". Over the years, I went down some different roads but spirituals always seemed to help light the way. The path of my life has taken many turns and the journey has been remarkable. Though today's world is a complicated place, I find myself living a simple life with my music. There is an unbroken thread that follows us from the beginning to the end and at this point in my life the thread circles me with love.