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~~Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell spearheaded an urban form of blues in the late 1920s. Urbanization of the rural form resulted from the migration of African Americans from the South to Northern cities. Many settled in the Midwest, some in Indianapolis, which was where Leroy Carr and his partner Scrapper Blackwell ended up. By the 1920s it had a thriving blues scene. Indianapolis was a railroad hub which served the expansion of flour mills, meat packers, and breweries, and provided skilled and unskilled work. Carr owed many of his songs to the railroads. Ironically the L & N, mentioned in the beautiful and poignant Alabama Women Blues, was not one of them. One of Leroy Carr finest recorded numbers - Naptown Blues - referred to the city - 'Naptown' was its nickname. Early on, Carr joined a circus - and this theme occurs occasionally in his work - see his Carried Water For The Elephant. As to influences - we know Carr drew on earlier records - his most famous song, How Long, How Long Blues has roots in Ida Cox's How Long, Daddy, How Long. Another theme recurred - alcohol. This reflected his own heavy drinking, which accelerated his death. Scrapper Blackwell, a part time bootlegger, shared his boozing proclivities. Drink must have inspired Straight Alky Blues which Carr recorded in 1929. The instrumental break features delicious slow-paced boogie piano, laced with Blackwell's guitar. Carr also covered Lucille Bogan's Sloppy Drunk Blues which he cut six months after the original. Another piece of booze-inspired magic was Corn Licker Blues. Hoodoo featured in one or two Carr numbers. Baby You Done Put That Thing On Me might be one - it's love or hoodoo. In Papa's Got Your Water On, however, Carr invokes a Southern belief that a mojo's power will act as a check on his lover. Whatever the theme, Carr and Blackwell were one of the most enduring musical partnerships of the blues in the 1920s and 30s.


Track List:

Track List:
Disc: 1

1. My Own Lonesome Blues

2. How Long, How Long Blues

3. Broken Spoke Blues

4. Tennesse Blues

5. Truthful Blues

6. Mean Old Train Blues

7. You Got To Reap What You Sow

8. Low Down Dirty Blues

9. Box Car Blues

10. How Long, How Long Blues No.2

11. How Long, How Long Blues No.3

12. Baby Don't You Leave Me No More

13. Tired of Your Low Down Ways

14. I'm Going Away and Leave My Baby

15. Prison Bound Blues

16. You Don't Mean Me No Good

17. How About Me

18. Straight Alky Blues Part1

19. Think of Me Thinking of You

20. The Truth About the Thing

21. Straight Alky Blues Part 2

22. Straight Alky Blues Part 3

23. Lifeboat Blues

24. Gambler's Blues

25. There Ain't Nobody Got It Like She Got T



Disc: 2

1. That's All Right For You

2. Wrong Man Blues

3. Naptown Blues

4. The New How Long Blues

5. Love Rides All

6. I Know That I'll Be Blue

7. Gettin' All Wet

8. Rain Day Blues

9. Blue With the Blues

10. Just Worryin' Blues

11. Baby You Done Put That Thing On Me

12. I Won't Miss You When You're Gone

13. Don't You Get Tired

14. I'm Going Back To Tennessee

15. Christmas In Jail

16. Prison Cell Blues

17. That's Tellin' 'Em

18. Papa Wants a Cookie

19. Memphis Town

20. Don't Say Goodbye

21. I Ain't Got No Gal

22. Goodbye Blues

23. The Dirty Dozen

24. Workhouse Blues



Disc: 3

1. Let's Make Up and Be Friends Again

2. Let's Disagree

3. Sloppy Drunk Blues

4. Hard Times Done Drove Me To Drink

5. Long Road Blues

6. Jail Cell Blues

7. Four Day Rider

8. Alabama Women Blues

9. Papa's On the House Top

10. Carried Water For the Elephant

11. Low Down Dog Blues

12. Nineteen Thirty One Blues

13. Love Crying Blues

14. Papa's Got Your Water On

15. Big House Blues

16. How Long, How Long Blues Part 2

17. What More Can I Do

18. Papa Wants To Knock a Jug

19. How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone

20. Quittin' Papa

21. Lonesome Nights

22. I Keep the Blues



Disc: 4

1. Gone Mother Blues

2. Midnight Hour Blues

3. Moonlight Blues

4. The Depression Blues

5. Mean Mistreater Mama

6. Mean Mistreater Mama

7. Mean Mistreater Mama No 2

8. Court Room Blues

9. Hurry Down Blues

10. Corn Licker Blues

11. Hold Them Puppies

12. Shady Lane Blues

13. Blues She Gave Me

14. You Can't Run My Business No More

15. Blues Before Sunrise

16. Blues Before Sunrise

17. Ain't Got No Money Now

18. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

19. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

20. Stormy Night Blues

21. Take a Walk Round the Corner

22. Baby Come Back To Me

23. Blue Night Blues

24. My Woman's Gone Wrong