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~~. Happy Traum – Just for the Love of It (Lark’s Nest Music). On Just for the Love of It, Happy Traum shows impeccable taste in choosing a program of great traditional folk and blues songs, or contemporary songs written in the tradition, and even better taste in the way he arranges them with both reverence for his sources and the originality of his always creative fingerpicking guitar and warm singing. He also surrounds himself – track to track – with just the right set of supporting musicians for each song and arrangement.




Track List:

1. Careless Love Blues

2. Deep Blue Sea

3. Church Street Blues

4. High Muddy Water

5. In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down

6. Things Are Coming My Way

7. The Water Is Wide

8. Jay Gould's Daughter

9. Sailing Down My Golden River

10. I Ain't Got No Home

11. Spanish Is the Loving Tongue

12. Crash On the Levee (Down in the Flood)

13. Tennessee Waltz

14. In the Pines