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~~A new compilation of previously unreleased tracks featuring the iconic Reverend Gary Davis, whose enormous impact on American roots music influenced many of the most revered troubadours of our time including Bob Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Townes Van Zandt, and many others. Joining the Reverend are the equally iconic Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, the best known blues duo to ever emerge, and the unforgettable Louisiana Red, the last of the giants from the classic age of blues noted for his abundant guitar skills and soulful singing. Also prominently featured are blues singer George Higgs, multiple Piedmont blues winner, and veteran folk singer Jemima James singing songs of "loves lost, looked for, and longed for" (AllMusic) with a sense of authenticity that is striking.

With Rev. Gary Davis at the helm, this collection is nothing short of magical. It rises to heights seldom heard in these days of electronic stratagems. This is the real stuff, as good as it gets.


Disc 1:

1. Who Told You Woman  (by  George Higgs

2. Rainy Day  (by  Brownie McGhee

3. Going Train Blues  (by  Louisiana Red

4. Sweet Little Girl  (by  George Higgs

5. Walk All Over Georgia  (by  Louisiana Red

6. If I Had My Way  (by  Gary Davis

7. There's Nothing Left to Say  (by  Jemima James

8. Baby Please Don't Go  (by  Brownie McGhee

9. Blues in E  (by  Gary Davis

10. Crucifixion  (by  Gary Davis

11. Sermon  (by  Gary Davis

12. His Name Is Jesus  (by  The Wooten Singers

13. Old Hippy  (by  Jemima James

14. Come Down and See Me Sometime  (by  Gary Davis

15. I Wonder What I Mean to You  (by  George Higgs

16. I Wish I'd Gone to Birmingham  (by  Jemima James

17. Candy Man  (by  Gary Davis


Disc 2 
1. I Didn't Want to Join the Band  (by  Gary Davis

2. When the Moon Goes Down  (by  Gary Davis

3. I Got Him Now  (by  Jemima James

4. Tell Me Who  (by  Louisiana Red

5. Jesus Met the Woman at the Well  (by  Gary Davis

6. Rolling into Town  (by  Jemima James

7. Honey Good Honey  (by  George Higgs

8. There's Nothing Left to Say  (by  Deneen McEachern

9. Steal Away and Pray  (by  Gary Davis

10. No Matter What You Do  (by  Jemima James

11. Let Us Get Together  (by  Gary Davis

12. Mayor Beame  (by  Louisiana Red

13. One Woman Man  (by  Bob Malenky

14. Shoes by the Door  (by  George Higgs

15. I Feel Like My Time Is...  (by  Gary Davis

16. Can't Make This Journey  (by Myself by  Gary Davis

17. You've Gotten Over Me  (by  Jemima James

18. You Got to Move  (by  Gary Davis

19. Another Skin  (by  Jemima James

20. Lost John  (by  Gary Davis

21. Lost John (Instrumental)  (by Gary Davis