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~~Syncopation is the heart and soul of guitar fingerpicking - the push and pull of the thumb maintaining a solid, foot-tapping rhythm while fingers are playing melody notes on the high strings. Keeping that beat going in the bass is one of the main stumbling blocks for many learning players. This remedial course will help you train your thumb to be your drummer, bass player and rhythm section. Happy has been teaching this technique at workshops and guitar camps for years, and he knows how to break it down so that just about anyone can do it. Happy starts you off with the monotonic or dead thumb bass, played on just the low E string. Through a variety of simple exercises, you ll learn to develop a solid sense of time before adding treble notes on different beats of each measure. Before long, you ll be playing simple but really cool blues licks, scales, riffs, double stops and melodies - all while keeping the beat going with your thumb. You'll also get some ideas for putting these licks into some classic songs, such as Baby Please Don't Go, Down in the Flood and I'll Fly Away. In preparation for future fingerpicking studies, you ll also learn the basics of alternating bass thumb picking, giving you another technique to add to your repertoire.