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~~Eric Bibb is one of the most respected blues singer/songwriters of our time. His music is always reverent, keeping one foot in the blues and folk storytelling traditions. “Whether you’re looking at a former sharecropper, hitchhiking from Clarksdale to Chicago in 1923, or an orphan from Aleppo, in a boat full of refugees in 2016 – it’s migration blues,” Eric says about his new release, Migration Blues. Mainly composed of new tunes, Migration Blues also includes covers of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War” and Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land.” An arrangement of the traditional “Mornin’ Train,” closes the opus. Eric Bibb’s career spans five decades, 37 albums, countless radio & TV shows and non-stop tours, making him one of the leading bluesmen of his generation.


Track List:

1. Refugee Moan

2. Delta Getaway

3. Diego's Blues

4. Prayin' For Shore

5. Migration Blues

6. Four Years, No Rain

7. We Had To Move

8. Masters Of War

9. Brotherly Love

10. La vie c'est comme un oignon

11. With A Dolla' In My Pocket

12. This Land Is Your Land

13. Postcard From Booker

14. Blacktop

15. Mornin' Train