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~~Cannon's Jug Stompes wer eone of the all-time great jug bands, perhaps the best at capturing the full flavor of the rural countryside's delightful rhythms and hunting expressiveness. Their repertoire covers the whoke panorama of American rural music: rags, blues, breakdowns, tinpan alley, minstrel and more!


Track List:

1. Feather Bed

2. Last Chance Blues

3. Big Railroad Blues

4. Going To Germany

5. Minglewood Blues

6. Mule Get Up In The Alley

7. Viola Lee Blues

8. Walk Right In

9. Noah's Blues

10. Wolf River Blues

11. Riley's Wagon

12. Madison Street Rag

13. Bring It With You When You Come

14. The Rooster's Crowing Blues

15. Pig Ankle

16. Money Never Runs Out

17. Heart Breakin' Blues

18. Springdale Blues

19. Jonestown Blues

20. Prison Wall Blues

21.Ripley Blues

22. Tired Chicken Blues

23. Pretty Mama Blues