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The first EVER live album from the great R&B / Blues guitar legend Shuggie Otis, recorded just last year at The Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York on Shuggie s extremely well-received comeback tour!

The set list reads like a greatest hits overview of Shuggie s brilliant songwriting cannon, including the classic Strawberry Letter 23, one of the most sampled tracks in modern music history, as well as Inspiration Information, Sparkle City - Miss Pretty and more!

Keeping the Otis family musical legacy alive, Shuggie s band here includes his son Eric Otis on guitar and brother Nick Otis on drums! --Official Press Release

Track List:

1. Inspiration Information
2. Tryin To Get Close To You
3. Aht Uh Mi Hed
4. Island Letter
5. Me And My Woman
6. Sparkle City - Miss Pretty
7. Sweetest Thang
8. Picture Of Love
9. Wings Of Love
10. Doin What s Right
11. Shuggie s Boogie
12. Strawberry Letter 23