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With a career that spans over three decades, John Hammond is one of handful of blues musicians who was on the scene at the beginning of the first blues renaissance of the mid-'60s. Some critics have described Hammond as a white Robert Johnson, and Hammond does justice to classic blues by combining powerful guitar and harmonica playing with expressive vocals and a dignified stage presence. Although he's a multi-dimensional artist, one thing Hammond has never professed to be is a songwriter. In the early years of his career, it was more important to him that he bring the art form to a wider audience by performing classic -- in some cases forgotten -- songs. Now, more than 30 years later, Hammond continues to do this,
touring all over the U.S., Canada, and Europe from his base in northern New Jersey.


  Song Title:      
  1. Noone Can Forgive Me but My Baby      
  2. Heartache Blues      
  3. Going Away Baby      
  4. Further on up the Road      
  5. Looking for Trouble      
  6. Tell Me Mama      
  7. Last Night      
  8. That Nasty Swing      
  9. Drop Down Mama      
  10. Hard Times      
  11. Jockey Full of Bourbon      
  12. Tell Me      
  13. Junco Partner      
  14. The Sky Is Crying      
  15. No Money Down