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~~An Outstanding collection of blues & rock tracks perfect for practice or accompaniment the follow-up to Let's jam Blues & Rock.

Recorded in a state-of-art facility by seasoned professional studio musicians, this jam-along CD is prefect for all instruments.

Plus, we've enclosed a helpful instruction booket for you, complete with chord progressions and soloing tips.



1. Tuning

2. Walk'n in A

3. Not Too Excited

4. Old Style in D

5. Simple Blues in G

6. Blues Balled in Eb

7. E Bluesy Rock

8. Gm Blues

9. Blues in Bbm

10. Am Strut

11. Big Blues in G

12. Dm Turns

13. Hyper Blues in E

14. House Blues in B

15. Blues Ballad in F

16. D Rock Groove