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"Fully capable of peeling off lightening fast runs up and down the neck of the guitar, Reynolds' style encompasses more than speed shredding. His melodic and rhythmic sensibilities set him apart and imbue his music with equal amounts of soul and technical brilliance." --High Country Press After Reynolds relocated to the Outer Banks he had a chance encounter with two gifted musicians-bassist Mick Vaughn and drummer Dan Martier. These three talented players convened a few rehearsals, several stealth appearances, and the rest is history. Reynolds quickly realized that it was time to get back to the basics of rocking out and his electric trio, TR3, was reignited. The fifteen tracks on this new CD "Radiance" dish out a steady diet of progressive, funk-infused rock , feature a number of Reynolds' originals, an eclectic cover from Chris Whitley and a bonus track. Catch Tim on tour this summer playing lead guitar for the Dave Matthews Band.


Song Titles:

1. See You In Your Dreams

2. The Wind Just Blew The Door Wide Open

3. By Your Side

4. Move On Ahead

5. Victory Express

6. Test Of Time

7. Sweet Spot

8. Kabbalah

9. Do You Wanna

10. Meaning To Tell You

11. Trippin' On You

12. Cave Man

13. Burning Season

14. Ley Lines

15. Wild Country


Tim Reynolds: Guitars,Vocals

Mick Vaughn: Bass, Vocals

Dan Martier: Drums, Vocals