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Led by lead singer Bill Champlin's soulful vocals, the Sons' funky Hammond B3 and horn sound was utterly distinctive and quite unlike the rest of the Bay Area's psychedelic guitar bands of the classic Fillmore and Avalon Ballroom scene in the '60s and '70s. The band's funk-infused R&B and jazz-based tempos continued to set the Sons apart, as did their outstanding musicianship. On Hip Li'l Dreams, the band's first studio CD in 28 years, Bill Champlin (vocals, organ, and guitar) appears with original members Geoff Palmer (keyboards, vibraphone, and baritone sax), bassist David Schallock, and drummer James Preston. Joining them are guitarist Tal Morris, former Tower of Power member Mic Gillette (trumpet, trombone, and tuba), and Tom Saviano (saxes). Guests include Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers, Bobby Kimball of Toto, and Steve Madaio.


Track Listings

1. For Joy
2. Dream On
3. I'm Not Your Lover
4. Swim
5. Hip Li'l Dreams
6. Soul Explosions
7. Bring Home the Gold
8. Maybe
9. Star Outa' You
10. "74"
11. Light Up the Candles