Launch Pad

Level 1/2

If you’ve learned your open chords but are craving to do more, then I’ll help you take to the air with this course. Give your playing a powerful thrust with techniques like bass runs, hammer-ons, new chords, easy (but cool) licks, basic fingerpicking skills, and much more, all while putting them to practical use with popular songs and songs you already play! Attaching some booster rockets, I’ll also give you valuable tips on how to get the most from your practicing, being creative, powerful finger-exercises - disguised as licks - how to jam with others, and easy to understand music theory that you can use to really understand how the fingerboard works.

Something for everyone, both flatpickers and fingerpickers are invited to hop on board.

Of course, that’s not all. During the weekend I’ll sit down with you in a private, one-on-one session, especially tailored to your individual needs. Finally, you’ll go home with not only in-depth tab, but instructional videos covering everything you learned!!! I truly want you to feel like saying “To infinity and BEYOND” after completing this course!!

Tasty, Expressive and Limitless Acoustic Lead Guitar

Level 2/3

Have you ever wondered how players like David Bromberg, Jorma Kaukonen, Doc Watson, Jerry Garcia, Buddy Guy (he plays acoustic too!), Bill Kirchen, and many others went about playing such stimulating and stirring solos? In this course I’ll lay it out for you, giving you all the tools you need to play vivid and thoughtful solos, without having to break any speed limits!!

We’ll work on playing lead to blues, country, bluegrass and even some swing in a variety of progressions found in popular, jam type songs, in a variety of keys. You’ll even learn how to use chord tones, arpeggios, double stops, octaves, chord inversions, bass runs and even question&answer phrasing to ensure that your solos are a far cry from just playing dull and lifeless scales. I’ll even show you my SUPER shortcut to understanding the ‘modes,’ which will enable you to play in styles ranging from ‘Spanish Mood’, ‘Flower Power’ and the minor sound of ‘Santana.’

We’ll tear apart solos from Bromberg, Watson, Garcia and others in order to get a full understanding what they were doing, to capture the ‘spirit’ of those players, and bring that to your own playing.

By the end of this course you will see a dramatic improvement in your lead playing, and you’ll have the tools necessary to go as far as your heart desires.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. No fingerpicking is necessary.

Blues Fingerpicking Gumbo

Level 2/3

Roots and Blues Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar

A feast for the senses! This course is a banquet filled with Piedmont, Delta, Texas and Ragtime Blues, spiced up with all kinds of exciting, new hot licks and tricks. Guaranteed to amp up the flavor in your playing and give new meaning to "finger licking good"!

You'll easily learn the recipes for adding tasty, creative ways to play many old-time favorite tunes while still retaining that down home flavor.

For appetizers we'll unlock the secrets of how Rev. Gary Davis used chord- melody. For our next course we'll transpose a Blind Blake tune into other keys which opens up all sorts of delicious possibilities. After several more delectable courses sprinkled with hot licks, riffs and fills we'll have dessert - a mouthwatering Blind Boy Fuller and Robert Johnson cobbler combo!My goodness, how tempting is that? You'll walk away satisfied and full!

By the end of this feast you'll have the utensils and the know how to come up with your own special menus!

Fingerpicking Hank Williams

Level 2/3

'The songs of Hank Williams and Travis-style picking seem to be made for each other and in this course you'll learn swing chords, bluesy licks, walking basses, double stops, improvised single string lines and how to add 'tinsel' to any basic melody. What could be more fun then learning some timeless Hank Williams songs while at the same time increasing your fingerpicking skills, expanding your knowledge of the fretboard and adding some exciting, cool licks to your tool box. By the end of this weekend you'll have five iconic country songs added to your repertoire and the ability to apply what you learned to many other songs that you already know.'

Bottle Neck Slide

Level 3

This course is designed for proficient fingerstyle players who have never played slide as well as those who want to expand their slide playing into new and exciting areas. You will learn techniques for proper intonation, damping, fretting and sliding at the same time. You'll also become familiar with behind the slide licks, open tunings, bass runs, percussive slapping and snapping techniques, WAY cool turnarounds and hot licks. You will then add these exciting techniques to songs from Blind Willie Johnson, Muddy Waters, Blind Willie McTell and many others. Toby studied the Bentonia (Skip James) style from the late Mississippian blues great Jack Owens, a resident of Bentonia and friend of Skip. Their techniques will be incorporated as well.

Fingerstyle and Country Blues Improvisation

Level 3

Expand any song's apparent boundaries by adding your own finger style solos. In this workshop you will study blues scales and hot licks and how these may be combined with very simple bass lines. This will provide exciting new dimension and flexibility. You'll be quickly applying these ideas to everything you play.


About Toby Walker

Little Toby Walker brings forth a combination of raw southern-delta and North-Carolina-Piedmont-inspired blues, as diversely influenced by 1960's rock-and-roll as by traditional southern blues and mountain music. Walker has the uncanny ability to play Travis style bass lines and sizzling lead guitar licks simultaneously, giving the listener the impression that they are hearing two guitars. Walker's wealth of knowledge is also derived from travels to the deep south for study with many old time blues musicians. Blues Revue calls his guitar playing inspired. "His fingerpicking is as intricate as any linen finery... A pinch of Piedmont, a dash of Delta, a solid Chicago undercurrent minus the amplification but not the electricity - A brilliant, remarkable guitarist who has mastered everyone from Blind Blake to Buddy Guy. Bob Margolin says "I am stunned and in awe of Toby Walker's pickin'! Not only does he master diverse blues styles, but plays them with both flash and depth." Winning the prestigious 2002 International Blues Challenge Award, Little Toby Walker is now endorsed by Martin Guitars, National Reso-phonic Guitars and John Pearse Strings



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