Intro to Fingerstyle Guitar

Level 1/2

Rev up your fingerstyle guitar playing with Tim Thompson, 2008 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion. Tim will be covering the basics including: Why play fingerstyle? Classical and Fingerstyle, are they the same? Playing the bass part and the melody at the same time, how to separate your thumb from your other fingers (we won’t try to remove anything), If you’re all thumbs and no melody, we can fix that, rhythms (think like a drummer and make your songs groove), how to arrange a song to be played fingerstyle, to use or not to use a thumb pick (an important question), flatpick with a thumb pick, using a flat pick and your fingers, Nails…yes, we’ll talk about nails, fake ones, and if you need them (different types), The Nashville Number System...and more.

There is a lot of ground to cover in the world of fingerstyle guitar so the things listed here serve as bullet points to cover during the entire workshop. The level of each student will determine how long we stay on one topic. The workshop will be adjusted accordingly so students have the opportunity to delve deeper into a certain technique they want to learn. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, we’ll have fun!

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