Roots and Blues Fingerstyle and Slide Guitar...Basics and Hot Licks

Level 1

Blues/Roots Fingerstyle Guitar…Basic techniques and repertoire with Steve James Using compact, melodic song arrangements, Steve will detail the essential thumb-and-finger picking moves, useful chord shapes (in standard and open tunings), plus bluesy fills and turnarounds from the playing of past masters and his own extensive trove of tunes. These hands-on sessions will be tailored for guitarists who have some playing experience, but would like to broaden their familiarity with rhythmic syncopation and blues harmony while adding a few favorites to their set list.

The emphasis here will be on listening and playing, but some tab and handouts will be supplied and there will be opportunities at the conclusion of each demo for those who wish to record.


About Steve James

STEVE JAMES…This Fur Peace Ranch veteran returns after a few years absence, bringing along his unique stylings on fingerstyle and slide guitar. A touring and recording artist with decades of road work and studio experience, Steve is also well-known for his commitment to sharing the styles he's learned through his lessons for Homespun and Acoustic Guitar and participation in literally hundreds of music workshop programs.

"For me, the blues is a point of departure," says guitarist, singer, and songwriter Steve James. "I like taking from the past and enlarging upon it." Born in New York City to a musical family, James was bitten by the blues bug early on, and after seeing Muddy Waters and Mississippi John Hurt, he decided to make music his life. In the early 1970s he migrated to Bristol, TN ("bothering old people and playing with fiddlers,") then Memphis (where he played with Lewis, Bukka White, and Lum Guffin,) and finally Texas in 1977. Throughout this time, he became acquainted with the classic music and many of the great musicians of the American South. A touring musician and recording artist, Steve is a font of historical knowledge, an engaging performer and a talented teacher. A long time contributing editor to Acoustic Guitar magazine, he has had two books and over a hundred articles published in recent years.

A regular at FPR, Steve is known among fans of blues and roots music for his ability to incorporate elements of early blues and country guitar into the original style and repetoire that inform his live performances and numerous recordings (including his latest solo effort "Short Blue Stories"). An experienced teacher, Steve is a long-time contributing editor for Acoustic Guitar magazine and has created instructional DVDs on guitar and mandolin for Homespun. He invites you to visit:



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