Solo Lapsteeel Accompaniment - Take II

Level 1/2

The lapsteel guitar has a distinctive sound almost always heard in an ensemble setting. Spencer Bohren, however, has pioneered a unique and sensual solo style to accompany his traditional and original songs. In this workshop, Spencer will use songs from his performance repertoire to illuminate his original and arresting solo lapsteel technique. For students in his highly-successful first FPR lapsteel class, this workshop will serves as the next step. For newcomers it will provide a portal into a whole new musical universe.

Prepare to be transported!

Students will need a lap-style guitar, preferably, though not necessarily, electric; a steel slide bar; and an open mind. The Fur Peace Ranch can provide a few lapsteels and amplifiers if you can’t bring your own. Appropriate slide bars and string gauges will be for sale in the Fur Peace Company Store.

American Roots Songbook - Take 2

Level 2

Do you want to learn how to make a song come alive on your guitar?  Are you looking for songs to add to your repertoire?  This is the workshop for you!  Take advantage of Spencer Bohren’s four decades of collecting and performing traditional and contemporary blues, country, folk, and gospel music.  Learn how to get the most from your guitar as he selects gems in all the relevant guitar keys from his seemingly endless repertoire and shares secrets about vocals, arrangement, songwriting, open tunings and more.  Spencer’s inclusive teaching style also includes casual anecdotes, musical philosophy and historical background of the songs you’ll learn.  Be forewarned, though, you’re going to have a lot of fun in this class! 

A basic knowledge of first position “cowboy chords” and simple strumming patterns will be helpful.

Here’s what people are saying . . .

“ Spencer Bohren should be named a National Treasure. His grounding in the art of traditional music, song and guitar are peerless. His love of the music, and the desire to make it accessible and pass it on touch all who meet him.” Jorma Kaukonen

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. I played more guitar, sang more songs, learned more tricks in more tunings, and had more fun than in any workshop I ever attended. Thanks again.” Bob – NYC

  • 05/03/19 - 05/06/19
  • American Roots Songbook - Take 2
  • FULL
  • Master Class: "It's In The Details"

    Level 3

    Spencer has been teaching at the Fur Peace Ranch since the beginning, and there have always been students asking him to host a Master Class. Because of his effectiveness at guiding Level 1 / 2 players, however, we’ve been reluctant to change the status quo. We must finally bow to student demand, though, and hereby offer a more complex reading of Spencer’s inexhaustible roots music repertoire for students who are ready to take things to the next level.

    Spencer Bohren’s Fur Peace Ranch students well know his dedication to the “less is more” school of music. He has a way of teaching his classes how to get most out of a song without a lot of effort and there is a lot of singing in his popular FPR sessions. In this particular case, however, he will stir in some of the special ingredients that enliven his guitar work in concerts and on recordings. Note that this is a Master Class, appropriate for players who already have a fairly strong technical foundation in roots styles. If you’re looking to add sparkle and imagination to your guitar playing, this is the class for you.

    Prepare to animate your playing with runs, licks, harmonies, rhythms and assorted tricks. Spencer teaches technique though songs, and with this class you will likely add to your own repertoire while injection excitement and elegance to your guitar playing.

    • 08/17/18 - 08/20/18
    • Master Class
    • FULL

    Goin' it Alone

    Level 1/2

    With more than forty years of solo performance under his belt, Spencer Bohren knows what works - and what doesn’t work - when presenting a song to an audience. Whether you are playing in your living room or performing in public, this workshop will help you learn to cover all the bases. Spencer will teach you how to make a song sparkle, how to anchor the bottom with your bass strings, and how to suggests ways to animate your material with effective vocals, simple guitar parts and appropriate arrangements. Additionally, he will gladly touch upon things such as building a repertoire, vocal phrasing, songwriting, general stagecraft, equipment, booking, touring and performance tips, or anything else you’re curious about. Spencer covers a lot of ground in his workshops, but the bottom line is simply to have fun playing music. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


    Level 1/2

    As a recognized master of dozens of styles of American Roots Music, Spencer Bohren has plenty of guitar tricks and licks to share. In this workshop you will enter the world of blues, country, gospel and folk music through simple guitar techniques and learn how to get the most from your guitar as Spencer selects gems from his seemingly endless stash of songs in all the relevant keys. He will impart secrets about basic strumming, alternating bass patterns, chord progressions, open tunings, singing, song arrangement and more. You will return home with a foundation on which to build your repertoire and further your guitar skills.

    Be forewarned, you're going to have a lot of fun in this class.

    Further On Down The Dirt Road Blues

    Level 1/2

    Spencer Bohren fans are familiar with his award-winning theater show, DOWN the DIRT ROAD BLUES, wherein Spencer follows the journey of a single song through America’s history from slavery times through the Rolling Stones Now, by popular demand from Fur Peace Ranch students, Spencer breaks down this musical bonanza for the first time to reveal guitar secrets from the likes of Charlie Patton, Son House, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones and many more. You will learn the basic “guitarchitecture” of delta blues, jug-band music, old-time Appalachian music, honky-tonk, Chicago blues, folk fingerpicking and rock ’n’ roll in a single class! So fasten your seatbelt, we’re going for a ride!

    It will be helpful if the student has at least a basic understanding of first-position “cowboy chords.” A bottleneck slide and a flat pick will also come in handy, both available at the Fur Peace Company Store.

    Lapsteel Accompaniment

    Level 1/2

    Solo Lapsteel Accompaniment Solo Lapsteel - two words you rarely see together. With Spencer Bohren’s music, though, the combination is exhilarating and deeply moving at the same time. In this workshop, spencer will show you how it’s done. Utilizing songs from his deep repertoire to demonstrate a truly unique solo lapsteel technique, he will help you add some seriously cool musical accompaniment possibilities to your solo performances.

    Prepare to transported!

    Students will need a lap-style guitar, preferably, though not necessarily electric; a sell slide bar; and an open mind. The Fur Peace Ranch can provide a few lapsteels and amplifiers if you can’t bring your own. Appropriate slide bars and string gauges will be for sale in the Fur Peace Company store.


    About Spencer Bohren

    Born in Wyoming into a gospel-singing musical family, Spencer Bohren has been singing and playing music since he was a young child. His fascination with Folk Music in the 1960s kick-started a forty-year career as a traveling musician, and he has performed countless concerts in Europe, Japan and America. Spencer’s expertise with blues, country, folk, and gospel music is evident on each of his fourteen albums, and his original songs garner airplay on stations all over the world. His Fur Peace Ranch guitar workshops have a reputation of being fun, informative, and enlightening. For more information, videos, and music samples, visit



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