Bass Guitar….An interactive Experience

Level 2/3

This class is designed primarily for four string bass players, but all are welcome. This class will give you the basic skills necessary to enjoy playing your favorite kind of music. You will dig deep down into your soul and experience the musical rewards and discipline of playing a simple, hypnotic blues riff. You will also learn to play more complex twelve bar blues sequences as well as various forms of folk and country patterns. We will talk about the various disciplines necessary to improvise with your fellow musicians in a freeform jam situation.

All levels of musicianship are encouraged, and I will provide one on one instruction whenever possible. You will learn that playing bass is a concept as much as it is an instrument, something often lost on guitar players who figure they already know how to play because unlike a guitar, a bass only has four strings. It should become ingrained in your DNA. You will realize the importance of instinctively playing with a drummers kick drum, as well as familiarizing yourself with various drum patterns and time signatures. You are after all one very important half of a rhythm section. You will learn how to add important root notes and subtle nuances to the tonal structure, designed to inspire a sense of confidence and freedom for other musicians to riff off.

It will teach you how to interact with other musicians, and become part of a just let go and have fun, but to always be listening and aware of what is going on around you in case something unexpected happens and you have to think fast. You will also learn right hand finger exercises designed to give you flexibility in plucking the strings, and touch on where to pick on the fretboard to create different intensities of sound.

We will also touch on how to work on bass in a studio environment. The bass is really an instrument that needs to be played with other instruments to truly explore its full potential. I will attempt to help you take away the skills necessary to hold down the bottom end in a band with your friends, but also give you the ability to stretch out when needed.

Above all, we will work on having fun.

  • 09/21/18 - 09/24/18
  • Bass Guitar….An interactive Experience
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About Pete Seras

Peter "Pete" Sears (born 27 May 1948, Bromley, Kent) is an English rock musician. In a career spanning more than four decades he has been a member of many bands and has moved through a variety of musical genres, from early R&B, psychedelic improvisational rock of the 1960s, folk, country music, arena rock in the 1970s, and blues. He usually plays bass, keyboards, or both in bands.

Sears played on the classic Rod Stewart albums Gasoline Alley,[2] Every Picture Tells A Story which was listed high in Rolling Stone Magazine's top 500 best albums of all time, Never a Dull Moment,[2] and Smiler. He also played on the hit singles Maggie May, and Reason To Believe. During this period, Sears toured the US with Long John Baldry blues band, and played with John Cipollina in Copperhead.

Sears was with Jefferson Starship from 1974 to 1987,[2] and went on to play in the Jorma Kaukonen Trio with Kaukonen and Michael Falzarano. He also played with Kaukonen and Falzarano along with Jack Casady and Harvey Sorgen in Hot Tuna.

Sears has played with many other musicians through the years, including Leigh Stephens and Micky Waller in Silver Metre; Long John Baldry, Copperhead with John Cipollina, Jerry Garcia, Steve Kimock, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Leftover Salmon, and Los Lobos.[3][4] Currently, he divides his time between the David Nelson Band and his main band Moonalice.



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