Arranging for Fingerstyle Guitar
aka Let The Picks Fall Where They May

Level 2/3

Pete Huttlinger is a guitar master and a master instructor. A revered Fur Peace teacher and one of the most prolific teachers for Homespun, Pete knows how to show you in a clear and precise manner how he does it. Pete will teach Finger-style guitar arrangements of The Beatles, James Taylor, John Denver, Chet Atkins, Merle Travis and more.

In this workshop Pete will show you in great detail his process for arranging pop tunes for Finger-style guitar. Starting with the basic song, he will show you how to chart the essential chords and melody of the song in keeping with the original song's essence. Then, using chord substitutions, rhythmic variations and stylistic considerations Pete will show you how to embellish tunes with solos and nuances to transform it into something that will be uniquely your own. If you're a fan of Pete's, this class is a must-attend event.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

Level 3

Always exciting. Always fun. Always informative. This is THE fingerstyle class to attend.

Pete brings plenty of material for his class to learn but has oft been known to stay up late into the night in his cabin, candle burning, (Figuratively only. No fires in cabins please) sipping his water and eating a very fine camp cookie, writing new arrangements for the class or for individuals. It's a class experience with plenty of one-on-one instruction.

Bring your guitars. Bring your enthusiasm. Pete provides the rest.

Mandolin and Fingerstyle Guitar

Level 2/3

Join me for a fun filled weekend of guitar and mandolin instruction. This class will be for intermediate guitarists wanting to learn to jam with or accompany others. Also it will be for mandolin players wanting to jam with guitarists. It won't be solely a fingerstyle class or just mandolin class, but a combination. All students are encouraged to bring both instruments. But if you don't own both then bring what you have. We will be doing material from Pete's Mandolin For Guitar Players book/CD. It's a 110 page book and a CD with 25 tunes from lots of styles. I'll be using this for material for my class but, it's enough material that it will last you for a long, long time.


About Pete Huttlinger

During the early '90's, John Denver's tour manager and producer Kris O'Connor heard Pete Huttlinger play guitar and was so impressed that he recommended him for Denver's band. Huttlinger toured, recorded and performed on television with Denver from 1994 until the singer's death in 1997. Huttlinger has performed on numerous Grammy-winning and Grammy-nominated projects. He has also been nominated for an Emmy for music he both composed and performed for a PBS special. His performances have been used in several national TV series, including the PBS Nature special "Let This Be A Voice." He created the theme song for ESPN's Flyfishing America, a program on which he has made guest appearances.



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