What My Father Taught Me

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Music education was always super important to my father. To carry on that tradition is something I sincerely believe he’d want me to do. So I’m very excited to share with you what he taught me!

Growing up under his tutelage was an incredible opportunity. I never missed a chance to ask him questions about a myriad things, whether it was big concepts or something super specific like how to play those amazing artificial harmonics (which I’ll show you!).

One of the things Dad was BIG on was the Melodic Minor scale. Most rock guys are intimidated by it. I’m gonna show you how to master it, and like my father, how to use it in Jazz, or any style where you want some spice.

My father was always knocking me out with his seemingly limitless knowledge of chords. Working with him through the years, I began to see a way to classify and categorize chords… So much so he even asked me one day how I did it! I’ll show you too!

We’re also gonna dive into some must have skills like Arpeggios. Dad often employed them masterfully in his improvisations. I’ll show you how to do that and also how to use them to get you through virtually any soloing situation with ease!

Of course, without our fair share of vocabulary, we’re simply not able to speak the language of music correctly. So I’ll be gifting everyone with a generous helping of “Larry” licks, as well as licks from some of his heroes (and a few of mine)!

What about CHOPS??

For years people have approached me asking how to improve things like speed and overall technique. I’ll show you some priceless exercises that will have you shredding like a 70’s Fusion God in no time! Of course, these exercises will allow you to shred through any genre!

Dad always encouraged me to learn as many songs as possible. He always brought playing back to the importance of composition. Through the years, I’ve learned how to maximize the value of that philosophy, as well as the /10 most important melodic tools for development/, which I’ll share with you.

In addition, there’s a boatload of concepts I’ve personally discovered that I also want to gift you with! These are tricks of the trade that I’ve cultivated to be and stay a working guitarist in a highly competitive business. They include:

  • How to practice and build an effective practice routine
  • Sight-reading
  • The Modes… Demystified!
  • Classical considerations in Jazz
  • Finger picking exercises
  • Improving tone, timbre and articulation
  • How to choose the right guitars, amps and pedals

And finally, I’ll show you a thing or two I learned from my Dad’s friends! Cool tricks that have moved me over the years, from chicken fried, Redneck Jazz licks to burning, legato and two handed Fusion lines!


About Julian Coryell

Julian Coryell began playing music at the tender age of five. Son of famed Jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, Julian’s musical gifts were nourished, and he's been playing guitar and singing ever since.

The Coryell household was never lacking in musical visitors. Julian was exposed to everyone from Miles Davis to James Taylor. At 16 he entered the Berklee College of Music and became it's youngest graduate two years later at 18.

Since then, he's toured, written and recorded with an eclectic array of artists including Alanis Morissette, Leonard Cohen, Madeleine Peyroux, and Joe Sample to name a few. He's released his own solo records on Universal, Sony, and GRP. These days he leads the New Eleventh House. A combination and continuation of songs from the classic Fusion group his father started as well as compositions from the soon to be released “7 Secrets” album on Savoy Records. To witness one of their performances is nothing short of thrilling, and will undoubtedly leave the listener with musical memories to last a lifetime.



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