The Neighborhood

Level 2/3

Think of the guitar fingerboard as a neighborhood. How well do you know your way around? Can you name all the streets, uptown, downtown, midtown? We will go exploring, trying to find the best ways to get around guitar town….Tone, what is it? How do we get some for ourselves? We’ll work on that too. I have found that there is always more to be learned about playing this wonderful instrument. Something new every day. The nuances of technique are endless. No matter how good a guitar player you are you can always get better. Come to Fur Peace Ranch and lets see what new roads we can discover.

Masters Class

Level 3/4

What's a Master Class? Well, we figure that you already know the basics. You know the names of the notes , every position and every fret all up and down the fingerboard. You're serious about your guitar playing. But it is guitar playing. We play, not work the guitar. So it will be fun. I'd like each student to submit an MP3 or some kind of digital recording of a piece you've written or at least something you really like to play. Each student will be required to send me an MP3 or equivalent one month prior (at the latest) to the scheduled workshop date. Those can be sent to Thanks GE

Leading the Way with the Acoustic Guitar

Level 2/3

All of the great lessons G.E. has taught on electric guitar are focused on the acoustic guitar for this workshop.

This workshop will explore the basics of blues and rock guitar and will provide the tools for creating exciting, dynamic lead solos. You will learn the sound and form of acoustic guitar from its most elementary licks through improvisational blues and rock playing. Whether you are a new acoustic guitar enthusiast or experienced, this workshop will improve your playing and expand your knowledge of acoustic guitar.


About G.E. Smith

GE is one of the most in-demand blues/rock guitarists in the world. Millions of TV viewers know him from his ten years of fronting the Saturday Night Live band. GE has played with greats like Hall & Oats, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Tina Turner and Peter Wolf. In 1985 Smith was named the musical director for Saturday Night Live. Leading the SNL band for 10 years, it was arguably the best late-night band on television at the time and GE won an Emmy for his role. Smith has played with the broadest possible spectrum of artists, from Red Buttons to Allen Ginsberg.



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