Playing Rhythm Guitar in a Rock and Roll Band

Level 3

Denny Laine's workshop will examine his musical roots along with his 50 years of playing guitar professionally, including his work with the Denny Laine Band, Paul McCartney & Wings, and the Moody Blues.  Denny's workshop will cover a wide range of guitar topics from both a personal and informational perspective.

Denny's musical roots lie within the wild gypsy jazz guitar of Django Reinhardt and he will demonstrate the gypsy jazz riffs that jump started his musical path. Like many other English rockers from the 50s and 60s, Denny's musical roots also lie within the early Rhythm and Blues that was played on pirate Radio Luxembourg. Denny is a contemporary and friend to some of the most renowned British guitar innovators. He has worked with members of Cream, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and The Beatles and he will discuss the impact that American Rhythm and Blues had on all of them.

The early Moody Blues, in which Denny Laine played guitar and sang, was strictly a Rhythm and Blues band and Denny will demonstrate the early blues songs and riffs that launched  his career and the career of the band.  Lessons will include tips on tuning, chords, inversions, scales and strumming patterns. He will teach you the fundamentals about chordal guitar and basic and advanced chord shapes.

From 1971-1981 Paul McCartney & Wings were one of the biggest bands in the world and Denny was McCartney's constant collaborator for the entire life of the band. Denny's class will take a look at his time with Wings and the dynamics of playing guitar with a big band in theaters, stadiums, arenas and in the studio. Denny will discuss playing guitar in a band with sensitivity for working with your fellow bandmates and the band's singer.

Wings was well known for having incredible tight vocal and chordal harmonies in their music and Denny  will discuss how they arranged their chordal and vocal harmonies.


Denny will also touch on songwriting for a rock n roll band and share his experiences of co writing with Paul McCartney throughout their decade long partnership in Wings which includes multiple Grammys. Denny co-wrote with Paul McCartney the song 'Mull Of Kintyre' which became one of the biggest selling British singles of all time.

This class will present a host of information and musical history while insuring an enjoyable and rewarding workshop.



"No guitarist was more integral to Paul McCartney's post Beatles career than Denny Laine"-Gibson guitars.

Along with Paul & Linda McCartney, Denny Laine is co founder of the band Wings, which was one of the most internationally successful bands of the 1970s. The band had 24 hit singles at the top of the charts and won a Grammy for their landmark album "Band on the Run."

Although the band went through a few line up changes, Denny remained an integral part of Wings throughout the band's entire lifespan and he was McCartney's main collaborator for over ten years.

Wings recorded some of the biggest hits of the 1970s including "Band on the Run", "Live and Let Die", "Jet", "With A Little Luck", "My Love", "Junior's Farm", "Silly Love Songs", and many more.

Denny Laine co-wrote the world wide hit "Mull of Kintyre" with Paul and in 1977 it became the biggest selling single of all time in the United Kingdom. It ironically broke the sales record for the previous biggest UK single; The Beatles' "She Loves You."

Denny is an original member of the Moody Blues and he sang the band's first major hit single "Go Now" in 1964. After a few years, he left the Moody Blues to pursue his solo career managed by the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein.

In 1967, Denny Laine's Electric String Band opened for Jimi Hendrix at the famous Saville theater concert that launched Jimi's career. The electric string band was seen as one of the first times that rock n roll and symphonic instruments were used together in a live concert and it inspired many artists in the London music scene.

For the next couple years, Denny's group shared concert bills with many fantastic artists including Fleetwood Mac and Robert Plant until he was invited to join the super group Ginger Baker's 'Air Force' and then in 1971 he formed Wings with Paul McCartney.

After Wings, Denny has continued to have a successful touring and recording career to this day and his passion for music and his love and appreciation of his fans can be seen at every one of his shows.



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