All About the Groove

Level 2

For this workshop I will take my 43 years of playing experiences and use that as our starting point to expand on your knowledge of the bass guitar. I have been blessed to accompany some great artists over the years; starting with my experience playing with Sly Stone as a teenager and then going on to play with such greats as Paul Butterfield, Billy Preston, Etta James, Bob Weir, Joan Baez, Tower of Power, Kitaro, Santana and Jerry Garcia......and of course my long term collaborations with Steve Kimock/Zero/KVHW. What I have found to be the most important part in my playing, through all styles of music, is the groove and this workshop will be ALL ABOUT THE GROOVE!

We will explore how to get a better pocket.....groove.....that will make your band mates smile. I believe one of the many jobs of the bass player is to accompany your fellow musician or musicians with a sensitivity for how to best help them tell their story. So, we will look at the importance of accompaniment. I will give you pointers, relying on the many things I have learned over the years, to make you a better player.

Whether you use picks, fingers or thumb I will show you how to get the most out of playing. In studying the groove we will look at chords, licks and harmonics. We will study tonal techniques and tonal qualities to add some feel to your playing. I do believe that less is more and we will discuss this while discussing the best ways to accompany our fellow players. Other elements such as volume control and the importance of dynamics will be studied.

I've been asked in the past how I practice and we will examine this as well. What I usually tell folks is that I practice by playing.....running through major and minor scales and taking off from there. This workshop will give us plenty of time to play together and learn together and above all.... have some fun!


About Bobby Vega

Accomplished bassist Bobby Vega began his professional career at age 16 with Sly and the Family Stone. With well over 100 albums to his credit, he continues to explore new ground. Co-founding KVHW in the late 90’s, his musical craft continues to develop into a complex and heady blend of rhythm & blues, rock funk and improvisational jazz.

Originally acclaimed for his funky style, Vega’s reputation as a creative force has taken him into many other musical arenas. A connoisseur of the instrument, he has been called “the Jaco Pastorius of the 90’s”.

Vega performs worldwide and has recorded with such greats as Billy Preston, Paul Butterfield, Baba Olatunji, Joan Baez, Bob Weir, Kitaro and many, many others. While continuing to work on his own projects, Bobby has toured with artists including Tower of Power, Etta James, Mickey Hart, Jefferson Starship, Santana & Jerry Garcia.



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