Jump Start Your Guitar Playing

Level 2/3

Scales favored by the instructor along with the chord changes they work with will be discussed and examined. How to use the "cross-picking" technique for rhythm guitar and soloing will be demonstrated and explained. The means for giving a solo traction with some creative back up will be elaborated on.

Students will receive instruction on musical skills, learn new songs and be provided with a simple and practical approach for practicing. Bluegrass rhythm, bass runs, basic scales, chord structures and the process for creating guitar solos for songs and instrumental tunes will be covered. The importance of timing in music and how to improve your timing and feeling the groove in your playing will be revealed.

Bring your guitar, capo, tuner and paper and pencil for notes. The instructor will provide handouts, a smile and some inspiration.


About Bill Nershi

From the saloons of Telluride to the some of the most sought after venues in America, Bill Nershi has delighted countless fans as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the String Cheese Incident. A seasoned veteran of flat-picking and a variety of acoustic styles, Nershi adds a unique, colorful perspective to virtually any musical situation he encounters, and his enthusiasm and playful spirit encourage an interactive, participatory experience for musicians and fans alike. His most recent forays into dobro, bass, and lap steel playing, as well as his accomplished songwriting contributions with the recently-formed Honkytonk Homeslice, prove that his musical horizons will only continue to expand.



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