Over 2 Million Views on Fur Peace TV!

Fur Peace TV officially has over 2 MILLION VIEWS!

Our next milestone is getting over 5,000 subscribers by the end of the 2015 season. Right now we have 3,317. The advantages of subscribing to a YouTube Channel is that you receive an email when a new video is uploaded to the channel. This way you don’t miss anything and you don’t have to go back to the page and keep checking for new content.

Four new videos from our 2014 Concert Series are now available! (With all the new videos lately I’m guessing the video crew must be getting excited for the start of the 2015 season!)

Our appetizer is “White Bird” by David LaFlamme’s It’s A Beautiful Day!  They brought the 60s’ San Francisco Psychedelic Sound the Fur Peace Ranch for a great evening!

Our second course features a helping of Woodstock!  Three talented musicians, singer/songwriters out of the Woodstock, NY area . . . John Sebastion, Happy Traum and Larry Campbell with “The Water is Wide”.  Happy opened this show with a beautiful solo set.  He invited John and Larry out to join him for one song to close out the set.  If I recall correctly, this was the one song where all were present on stage together that evening.

Can’t wait for to see Larry again in August and Happy in late August!  Happy will be leading a workshop on the works of the great country blues player Brownie McGhee.

Most people know G.E Smith as an electric guitar player from his days with Hall and Oats or as leader of the Saturday Night Live band.  However, what most don’t realize about G.E. is that he is all of that and more playing acoustic!  Here he is with The Bottle Rockets’ song “1000 Dollar Car”.

Now for some dessert!  This serving is brought to you by Blind Boy Paxton who brought down the house last fall with his performance.  He is a great musician playing multiple instruments throughout the night, peppering the audience with some fantastic songs, stories, and jokes (some not suitable for young children).  The Village Voice recently published a great article/interview with Jerron.  Here he is with “When An Ugly Girl Tells You No” in which he at times has trouble keeping his composure.

Go see him for yourself sometime!

That’s all for now!  Remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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