1 Seat Available for Jorma’s Quah Revisited Workshop

One seat is still available for Jorma’s “Songs of Quah Revisited After 4 Decades” this weekend – April 21-24.  This is a level 3 workshop . . . you should have facility with thumb independence with alternating thumb pattern accompanied by melodic lines; experience with songs that depart from pattern fingerpicking; acquaintance with chord inversions in several positions up the neck.

Songs of Quah Revisited After 4 Decades

Quah was my first solo album…a big deal for me at that time. The album was recorded with my friend, Tom Hobson. The initial plan was to have side-A be my work and side-B be Tom’s. However, RCA felt that Tom’s recordings, would not be accepted by the public. Today, he would be considered a quirky alt-country singer/songwriter and people would love him. Then, however, the suits at RCA opined that his work was too eccentric. Initially, the record was planned to be released in mid-1973, but because of the issues with RCA and Tom, I returned to the studio to record new tracks for side B in May 1974. I have always thought that this recording was one of my best. I am still so proud of it today. It is with deep thanks to Jack Casady and Mallory Earl for helping to make this project stand the test of time.

I will take my students on the journey that I took so long ago and teach them some of my favorites from this work…like Genesis, I’ll Be Alright Someday, I’ll Let You Know Before I Leave, Flying Clouds, Another Man Done Gone, I Am The Light Of This World & Midnight In Milpitas. I will be breaking down the songs in terms of left and right hand architecture in addition to overlaying vocals on those songs that have them. As always, I will illustrate these songs in such a way that my students will perceive them in the entirety as songs and not just collections of licks.

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Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s Songwriting Class Description

We have just received a class description from Jimmie Dale Gilmore for his Songwriting workshop that we would like to share with you . . .

Jimmie Dale Gilmore
April 07-10, 2017 Songwriting with Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Finding fresh, meaningful material is a never-ending quest for musicians and poets.  Conducting songwriting workshops for many years at the Omega Institute in upstate New York, Esalen in California and a number of other venues has given me some insight into this process and the many, many forms it can take.  I have learned that creative inspiration is always abundant if one’s mind is open and flexible.  We will examine approaches to accessing this inspiration as well as methods for cultivating and utilizing it.

This method is a departure from the more “nuts and bolts” approach, but we will also give the craft aspect of songwriting its due.  The old adage “ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration” is probably right on.  But that ten percent is assuredly worth some thoughtful exploration.

Bill Kirchen and Jorma Kaukonen are also teaching that weekend . . .  both will be teaching Electric Guitar workshops  . . . Bill will be teaching “The Guitar of Bill Kirchen: Where Country Meets Blues” and Jorma will be teaching his mind-bending psychedelic guitar techniques of the mid-60s and beyond.

There are a few seats remaining in each of these workshops.  Remember, your tuition also includes lodging, meals, and a ticket to the sold out performance by Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Bill Kirchen!

You may sign up for these workshops (and more) at http://www.furpeaceranch.com/application.

2017 Concerts Almost Sold Out

This morning our September 23, 2017 performance with A.J. Croce sold out!

There are only 3 shows left for which we have tickets available.  We currently have tickets available for:


Bruce Cockburn - June 1, 2017

Thursday June 1, 2017
Bruce Cockburn!

Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist, Canadian Music Hall of Famer, 13 Juno Award Recipient (Canadian Grammy Award),




Mollie O'Brien with Rich Moore

Saturday June 10, 2017
Mollie O’Brien and with Rich Moore

Americana, Bluegrass, R&B and Folk Singer




The HillBeners

Saturday August 05, 2017
The HillBenders
Performing “Tommy: A Bluegrass Opry”
A Bluegrass version of The Who’s Tommy

(Less the 10 tickets remain)


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Find Your Inner Blues Troubadour!

Come find your Inner Blues Troubadour with Eric Bibb April 21-24, 2017.  One (1) seat has become available for Eric’s previously sold out workshop!

Do you want to make your guitar sound like a barrelhouse piano and find your own voice in the Blues?  In this workshop he will give you pointers to serve you in developing your own style for self-accompaniment. Starting with a foundation of elemental Blues structures, Eric will illustrate how to expand on the basics.  Emphasis will be on inspiring and teaching you to develop your own personal style.

This class will examine moving bass lines, arrangements, extended harmonies, guitar tunings, adding an exciting chord to a basic Blues structure,  intensity in playing…..all elements that will show you how to make the most of six strings. The class will also take time to study Blues songwriting.  You will look at how to write new songs in the pre-war Blues style and new ways to play songs in the Folk and Blues tradition.

Learn how to lock into a groove, find the right bass line, incorporate melody, sing out and find your inner blues troubadour.

View Eric’s full class description

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2017 Workshop Updates

Our 2017 schedule has been out for a little under 3 months and already there are several workshops that are full and several more nearing capacity. If you are “on the fence” about attending any of these workshops, you shouldn’t delay your decision too much longer as these classes are nearly sold out:

Jan 30 – Feb 03, 2017 Songwriting with Jorma Kaukonen and the Royal Lahaina Resort in Maui, Hawaii

March 17-20 with Jack Casady

March 24-27 with G.E. Smith

April 21-24 with Jorma, Happy Traum or Eric Bibb

May 12-15 with Spencer Bohren.

Spencer BohrenSpeaking of Spencer Bohren . . . he is offering a Solo Lap Steel Guitar workshop September 08-11, 2017. Spencer is excited about the new workshop, here are some words from him regarding his Lap Steel Workshop:

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . . or at least the moment many of you have been waiting for. Since my first workshops at the Fur Peace Ranch in Pomeroy, Ohio, more than a dozen years ago, students have been asking when I’m going to host a solo lapsteel class. After years of discussion with Vanessa Kaukonen, we have decided the time is finally right. The long-awaited sessions will take place during the weekend of September 8 – 11, 2017.

Solo and lapsteel are two words you rarely see together, but when combined, they can create an exhilarating and deeply moving sound and unique musical possibilities. Over the past couple decades I’ve pioneered a method of using the instrument to accompany myself solo rather than as a component in an ensemble, and the result electrifies my audience every time! The tunings I utilize are not typically associated with the steel guitar, either, and my technique in general is unorthodox, but it works so beautifully. Vanessa contends that my students are interested in learning to play songs from my lapsteel repertoire and that’s exactly what I intend to teach in my September workshop. My hope is that students will use what they learn as a springboard to find their own songs that fit the soulful atmosphere created on the steel guitar.

Participants will need a lapsteel, preferably but not necessarily electric, plus a small amplifier, a proper steel bar, a sense of adventure and an open mind. Between the Fur Peace Ranch and me, we can provide instruments and amps for several students, and the Fur Peace Company Store will be stocked with steel bars and correct gauge strings. The sense of adventure and open mind are up to you.

You may sign up for Spencer’s and all of our other great workshops here

Some bonus goodies for Toby Walker students

Toby Walker is ADDING IN SOME BONUS GOODIES to his Sweet Home Chicago Course.

• A private, thirty minute Skype follow up session.
• Instructional videos and tab that covers the material shown over the weekend.

All of the materials covered in my class will also be available to you on a hidden page on my web site which you can download and study in your spare time at your own pace. During the weekend each student will have their own, private one-on-one lesson with me during the weekend. Finally, I’ll be throwing in a THIRTY MINUTE, PRIVATE SKYPE SESSION as a follow up to your studies.
Sweet Home Chicago – Hot, Chicago style blues for acoustic, fingerpicking guitar with ALL the trimmings.

I’ll be showing you unique shuffles, turnarounds, endings, intros, chords, double stops, improvisational techniques and even cool, accompanying bass lines. We’ll put every one of these to use while learning songs by Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Elmore James, Big Bill Broonzy, Hubert Sumlin, Willie Dixon and much more. I’ll even throw in some fingerpicking, solo arrangements of classic, Chicago blues tunes while showing you how to arrange your own. By the end of this course you’ll have all the groundwork you’ll need to either play solo or stand out in a jam.

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